Paris In The Spring?

The weather guy is all doom and gloom. 

The snow is coming.” 

“Get out those winter boots and have your shovels ready!” 

We can expect a high of minus 5 degrees Celsius tomorrow.” 

It’s enough to make a sun seeker like me want to puke!

So what do I do?  I curl up next to a fire, open up my pictures from Paris and start plotting.  It’s time to start planning the next great vacation.  Until then, a few of my faves from the most romantic city in the world. PARISCollage

Oh Paris…I will see you again!


  1. I almost fainted – I thought you went to Paris – I was getting ready to be jealous. Your photos look great. sandie

  2. Oh yes that does look like fun I could go for a change. You can see the happy on your faces. B

  3. The onset of winter mekes me dream of tropical places.

  4. ah sounds like the perfect way to keep warm….where to next? still jealous of paris…

  5. Being in Paris might be okay, it’s the getting there that would keep me from going!

    Wanted to thank you for dropping in!

  6. I wish I could plot a future like that!

  7. Well if you want romance you are after you have to pop over to Belgium … Brugge is super romantic!

  8. I’ve never been to Paris, and oh! Now I really want to go there!

  9. I so need to go there! I love Europe so much. We are hopefully doing Greece this summer… 🙂

  10. I loved Paris! It’s been a whole lot of years since we were there last and I’d go again in a heart beat!

    We backpacked with a 7 month old to make it even more interesting 🙂

  11. I need to go there…once we get a new house, that is the plan!

  12. I’m surprised to hear you don’t have snow. My neice’s boyfriend lives in Stratford and she emailed me photos last weekend with quite a bit of snow there. You can’t beat Paris at any time of year really:)

  13. Memories are sweet and warm!!

  14. These pictures (and the memories you made with your hubby) are just amazing! Paris is a classic romantic place to go to — hope to see it too, someday.

  15. Hey! I was just there and have been posting photos from Paris, too! Unfortunately for me it was only a 3 day busines trip with my (lady) boss (and no Hubby!) Your photos look lovely and I didn’t get to visit some of those places! Maybe next time!

  16. That’s the perfect way to spend the day! I can’t wait to go back.

  17. Yes, and next time you will come to dinner. 😉

  18. Plotting vacations is my favorite thing to do!! Hope you get another one really soon!

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