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Life is hard.  Being a parent is tricky business.  Full of joy, challenges, and never, ever enough time!  No one can argue with this.  I do what I can to stay on top of the crazy and create the best life for my family each and every day. 

When I was asked to attend an event being hosted my P&G in Toronto last week I took it.  After all, P&G products are already in my home. 


From Downy Unstopables for the wash, to COVERGIRL for the obvious reasons, to my new favourite product of all time, Align.  A product that has changed my Husband’s life.  Attending this event was a natural thing for me to do.  My intent was to listen to their message, learn about their products and ultimately pass on my lessons and savings tips! 

The best and most important message I heard from P&G during my two day stay;  P&G wants to make our lives as Mothers easier. They take pride in their products, are open to questions and discussion and are always looking to make their products better.

Thanks P&G for a truly lovely day!  So much more to come, but for now I’m pleased to share with you this link!  The P&G brandSAVER will lead you to a site where you can click and save over $160.00 on some of your favourite brands.



  1. Congratulations! You’ll have the inside scoop on all the goodies they’ve got in store for us!

  2. Thanks Stephanie. B

  3. pretty cool to get to be a part of it…and get an inside look…esp if it is products you already use in your home…

  4. Fun! I love my Cover Girl mascara!

  5. OHHH that is a very cool gig! Thanks for the link to coupons 🙂

  6. Thank you and I’ll go check it out. sandie

  7. Thanks for the coupon link, Stephanie!:-)

  8. I’ve heard of Align but thought it was just available in the States! Might have to go and check it out!

  9. It’s amazing how many P&G products we have isn’t it? It was nice meeting you by the way!

  10. YAY! It was amazing seeing you again, lovely lady! I also loved how passionate the P&G team were about making their products the best they can be. I can’t wait to see what new products they have in store to help us moms get through busy days!

  11. I haven’t found align any where yet… My daughter uses this product every day… so I can’t wait to try it. I can’t wait to try the unstopables either… they smell so good.

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