I Just Did Something For ME!

I just did something completely indulgent.  Something 100% just for me.  I went shopping at SHOP.ca browsed around through all the lovely departments and bought a book case.  Do I need it?  Probably not, do I want it?  Yes!   

You see, I spend an embarrassing amount of time looking for “things”.  Lost things.  Can’t find the receipt for those dance shoes, not sure where my daughters immunization card was left, am sure I ordered more cheques, but I can’t find anything without a ten minute search.  The little office in my home has become a dumping ground for every piece of crap paper work that finds it’s way into our home.  It’s time to take control of the office and I figure, why not make this space something pretty!

My first step.  This FANTASTIC organizational unit, the Acadian 9 Cube Storage Bookcase.


It is exactly the piece I have been looking for to kick off an office re-design, and gain control of my space.  The best part for me, it was delivered right to my door!  This delivery took a few days longer then the average, but it was so worth the wait.  Where else can you get furniture delivered at NO charge!!  Thanks SHOP.ca! 

I would love to show you some pictures of my beautiful new book case being put together, but I have to be honest, it wasn’t a pretty site.  The instruction’s were clear enough, we had all the tools we needed to do the job, but let’s just say Hubby did not enjoy putting this little number together. 

After a couple of hours and err a curse or two.  I had my new book case, and I love it!


Of course I won’t be able to stop here.  A sassy office make over would never be complete by a simple clean- up and the addition of some pretty shelves.  I’m thinking I need a fun new light!  What do you think, is this too much?  Seriously, I want to know!


It’s called the Petite Chandelier, and I kind of love it!

I would also love some bold art work for the wall.  Maybe something like this?  These Framed Canvas Print Trees are only $60.00 and that once again includes delivery!

SHOPartI will also need to find a couple of little pretties to help organize that desk top itself.  Throw in a vase full of flowers and this office of mine might actually start to feel like a place I can sit in peace and work rather than a dumping ground. 

Life is busy, it’s time I start to control all the little things and stop letting the chaos slow me down!  If you were to make over your office space what is the one thing you would be sure to include?  Start here at SHOP and see what you can find!


  1. Oh I love that bookcase it is fantastic. You so deserve that little beauty.
    Not loving the chandelier but loved the framed print kind of:) B

  2. Love it!

  3. Oh I so need to re-do my office! What a great place to start!

  4. love it looks fabulous! You must be very happy

  5. That bookcase is pretty awesome. I always get ideas to do stuff around the house, but executing it is always a problem. Smh.

  6. I have assembled many a piece of furniture. It’s no fun! Nice bookcase, though. Now the question is – will it keep everything organize? That’s always the real trick!

  7. I do like that chandelier indeed! Good taste you have, my friend.

  8. I HAVE THE SAME BOOK CASE. In fact, I have it all the t.v console, the media centres, the book cases with glass doors. LOVE. TWINSIES!

  9. I love with the bookcase!

  10. Can you show us the finished result? I’d love to see that!

    Too bad they don’t deliver and mount the furniture!

  11. It is fantastic, can’t wait to see it finished.

  12. Love the bookshelf …very happy you bought something for you 🙂

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