I Had A Bad Day, But APPARENTLY Not As Bad As Hers!

Everyone is entitled to a bad day.  It happens.  I can admit to being tired, cranky, in pain, frustrated and simply down in the dumps, such is life.  The difference between people is how they handle those days. 

I am no saint.  I have lost my temper; snapped at my kids, cried myself to sleep, stomped my feet, even slammed a door or two.  Not too often, but it has happened.  Major guilt follows immediately afterwards.  Kind of seems the worst of me is reserved for those I love most, my family.  Um, isn’t this what most people do?  Vent, emote and show our true colours to those we truly trust and adore?   

Apparently not. 

Here’s what I would never, ever do: 

Yell at a stranger.

Scream at a child.

Give the finger to a passing motorist.

Stalk a blogger and leave an unmotivated mean or malicious comments on her blog.   

Maybe my skin is just not thick enough but I don’t get it. 

Oh and PS, no one is truly anonymous when commenting on a blog. 

Just so you know.

Hope today is bright and cheerful!


  1. You crack me up! My list of things I wouldn’t do pretty much matches yours!

    May I be the one, though that says, maybe you shouldn’t give “anon” the attention they so obviously were looking for?

  2. When will people learn that if you don’t have anything nice to say it’s better to say nothing at all!

    Sometimes I wonder if it would be worth taking the fight back to people like that, you know, ask her what her/his problem is …. yeah right who am I kidding I try to avoid confrontations as much as possible

  3. You have got to be kidding me, I can’t believe that happened to you.
    Courage my dear.

  4. True… no one is ever truly anonymous. 🙂 Take a deep breath, know you are the better one here and remember what Scott Stratten says “Don’t feed the trolls”. They are definitely not worth it. 🙂

  5. I felt really ashamed of myself today because in my English class, I had a student (who can be really insolent all while keeping a big smile on her face) who completely ignored my instructions several times (about the same thing), and when I came over to only to find that she was still ignoring what I told her to do and scolded her, she gave lip service and then went back to doing what she was doing and – I sort of smacked the pencil out of her hand. I didn’t mean to – I meant to grab the pencil and say stop! I told you several times to stop, but instead I ended up sort of smacking it out of her hand. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t apologize because it wasn’t very obvious – at least I don’t think so – and then I tried to sit patiently and help her catch up on what she was trying to do all along.

    Anyway – this post hit a nerve and all my shame is coming out for losing it in an inappropriate manner.

  6. Ugh I’m sorry someone was mean…ugh! XOXO

  7. People can be real jerks….can’t they? I’ve learned a few things recently….one of them is to not feed into that kind of behavior….bad karma is, well, bad. When you participate in it…it causes you stress and makes you just as bad as them. Most are miserable people trying to,make themselves feel better…so…now…I say….screw em. Good karma, sending out good karma to you.

  8. Well said, Steph. And you’re amazing and sweet and nice, and anyone who is mean to you? Is clearly a mean soul. Hugs to you. xo

  9. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with anonymous people leaving mean comments for no apparent reason. I don’t tolerate that at my blog, and I figure that’s where I should just hit delete.

    (But, um, I have flipped off drivers who tailgate me.)

  10. Block them. Life is too short. Let the screaming motorists pass, step aside of the shouty people and block the crappy commenters. Oh and carry on smiling because kind and smiley is a magnet to kind and smiley and they are just the sort of people I want to be around, don’t you? 🙂 xxx

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  12. I think I may have given the finger once to a stranger who almost killed me with their car!
    However in todays world I’m almost afraid to do anything in fear that someone may have a gun on them and kill me.

  13. Not nice at all.

  14. sometimes I WISH I was that person that could flip off a motorist, lol, but sadly it’s just not in me. shake off the trolls. some people suck more than others.

  15. I fully admit – I have given the finger to a passing motorist. In my defence it was a dirty old man giving ME lewd gestures with his hands/mouth. What can ya do? hah

    But yes, it is amazing how little respect for others people seem to have these days!

  16. Mean girls suck! But i have terrible road rage and can flip off motorist lol

  17. Get em girl!

  18. May she have endless cold sores. 🙂
    Yeah, you are a good egg….so ignore the haters.

  19. Absolutely agree! I know some “friends” who do that…or used to be friends…and I think it’s horrible. If you have that much time on your hands and you consider that enjoyable, you have a sad life.

  20. Why can’t we all be nice?! Sometimes, I can’t believe how mean people can be…I understand we have to be understanding and loving and all, but sometimes, it’s just tiring…Here’s hoping we would hold on to our values and good naturedness, EVENTHOUGH a LOT of others don’t.

    I am also NOT a SAINT:(

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