I Am Not A Thief.

Today I made a jump on my Christmas shopping.  Hey, it’s not even December yet, for me this is EARLY! I dragged my butt out of my warm and cozy house and headed to Canadian Tire to pick up a little something that has been on a certain someone’s wish list for two whole years.  (now that is all I’m saying in case that certain someone gets all nosey like and decides to read this blog) 

So there I was, lost in Canadian Tire, because clearly this Sassy Mama does not know her drill bits from her trampoline covers when I FOUND the object of desire.  To steal a saying from Grey’s Anatomy, I had myself a sweet 30 second dance party.  Not at all awkward for the young man helping me. 

I slugged this super heavy object into my cart, because young man was so shocked by my 30 second dance party he clearly forgot his manners and did not offer to lift the 45 pound box, and then headed out in search of Drano.  Oh yes, the life of a domestic goddess.  Clogged gross sinks equals desperate need for magic thick liquid to wash it all away. 

I approached the cashier with my giant Christmas gift, only knocking over one display along the way, and began my usually peppering of questions.  “If this is the wrong product can I return it? This is a Christmas gift, can you mark the receipt to reflect this please?  How many days after Christmas will I have to make a return or exchange?”  Got my answers, paid for the Christmas gift and made my way out to my car.

I once again struggled with this big old box as I tried to shimmy the package from the cart into my backseat without hurting my back, scratching my car or dropping the gift.  Victory!  Second 30 second dance party of the day.  And then…I saw the two bottles of Drano.  A quick double check of my receipt confirmed that I had NOT paid for the magic liquid that had been hidden under the coveted gift.  Sigh.  Locked the car and headed back into the store to pay for the items the cashier missed.


Yes, I went back in and paid for the items.  This was met with a little shock?  A bit of awe and more then a couple of Thank You’s from the staff.  Um, I was just doing the right thing.  I’m not a thief.

So here is my question to you.  What would you have done?  Would you have gone back and paid the $8.03 for two bottles of Drano?  Any other “goodie two shoes” out there? 

Oh and FYI, I’d do it again, it just felt right. 


  1. I would have done that too. I am glad you found the gift and no backs were hurt:) B

  2. This summer I came all the way home from the store and noticed a bag of potatoes so I got back in the car, drove all the way back into town and gave back those potatoes. I would NEVER keep them!

  3. I work in a store, and people come back in and pay for items missed all of the time. They also return lost wallets and sit with stray dogs. In the end, you are the one who has to deal with your dreams at night.
    On another note:
    It won’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that gift, you left some pretty descriptive clues, like weight and that it comes in a box.
    That dance you did, the salesman was probably on the phone with his friends the minute you pulled out of the parking lot. 🙂
    This was a cute and heartwarming post.

  4. yeah, i would have gone back as well….otherwise it would have nagged me…and i dont need that….smiles at the dance party….haha…

  5. Oh, it would be tempting to just drive away but guilt would get the best of me…….good girl!!

  6. Yeah, I probably would have gone back to pay for it – if I noticed it that is. I hardly ever even look at my receipts, so there’s a chance I never would have known that I didn’t pay for it.

  7. I probably would have gone back too. But, really, I wouldn’t have.

  8. I’d have gone back. I save my theft opportunities for banks 🙂

  9. I’ve done the same thing, too. Multiple times. And, the look on the cashier’s face every time is awesome. They are like “do you want to return it?” “No, I didn’t pay for it.” Huh?

  10. Good for you!
    I would have, and have, returned things that were missed to pay for them.

  11. If I was at the car loading up, I would have gone back in. If I had gotten home, I would have called them and told them what happened and asked if I could pay for it on the next trip. My life is a little crazy and honestly, most of the time, more driving takes me over the edge.

    @Liz – Potatoes? You’re good! I may have considered that an even exchange for the sour milk they sold me that I didn’t take back. 🙂

    Seriously, I would have called them about the bag of potatoes, too.

    In my younger days, I probably wouldn’t have given any of this much thought. Thank God for maturity.

    Now get back to that shopping, Stephanie!

  12. lol I think I am probably the one too lazy to bother.

  13. Self confessed goody two shoes here, I’ve had numerous occasions where I’ve gone back and paid. My stroller has aided and abetted one to many times!

  14. Good on you! I am an honest gal myself – I would have gone back into the store too.. I have too guilty of a conscience to not do what’s right!

  15. We once bought an entire patio set and discovered once we got home that we hadn’t been charged for two (pricey) chairs. We went back to pay for them. The customer service rep had to call the manager because she couldn’t figure out what to do with us. So, yeah, I’d probably go back in and pay for it.

    And you know what, that makes you a GREAT role model for your kids!

  16. I’ve always gone back too. Except once when I had a screaming over-tired child and it was a 99 cent thing. But to this day I still remember that I didn’t. So, I wish I had. 🙂

  17. Very honestly, it would depend n the situation. Generally, yes. But if were cold and raining? Probably not. Or if I had very young kids with me that I would have to lug back in there? Again, probably not.

  18. Yay for getting some Christmas shopping done! This is early for me, too, and I have a couple of gifts. I’m a last minute kind of gal.

    I definitely would have gone back to pay. I’ve done honest things like that before…it’s worth it!

  19. It always amazes me that people are shocked you do the right thing! I’ve done that and the cashier always seems very relieved, but shocked!

    Good for you getting the hubby a gift! I have not one clue in this head about what to get for the superhero! We stopped giving gifts to each other several years ago, but as I was putting the last of the ornaments on the tree, I noticed a small gift with my name on it lying innocently under said tree! Great! Sweet, but now what? Oh, well.

  20. I HAVE done this.
    But then again, once I have done it the other way too. Yep, I’m a bad egg. 🙂
    I DO hope that surprise gift is loved!

    p.s I need some drano in a bad way.

  21. I would have done the exact same thing!!

  22. OMGosh ok I would love to say I would go back and pay but I know sometimes I have the kids under tow and get frustrated and just walk out and don’t go back for something like that. I so need to be a better person.

  23. I would have gone back too. I would be guilty of using something which I did not pay for.

  24. Good for you going back, I would have to, otherwise it would be bugging me !

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