She Left Me

A very good friend of mine had the extreme audacity to go back to work.  Full time.  Nervy right?  (insert sarcasm font)  She left me.  Sad face.  (true feeling font)

Now I’m a Mama who kind of feels like she has done it all; worked full time without kids, full time with kids, part time, job share, work from home, run a business from home and full time stay at home Mom.  I’m here to tell you right now, some of my most challenging days have been those at home with those little creatures I love the most.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!  I did make a choice, a commitment, I gave up a career I absolutely loved to stay home with my babies, but sometimes there is nothing harder, nothing more isolating than being a Mama at home in the Suburbs. 

One thing that makes life a little bit sweeter when you are a Mom at home, is having a couple of good girlfriends walking down the same path.  So I will be frank, when one of those girlfriends steps off that path to follow a different dream, it can get a little too quiet.  The phone doesn’t ring as often, coffee dates are fewer, hours alone are just…longer.  

I think us Moms staying and/or working from home, we are a rare breed.  Perhaps nearly extinct? 

I continue to be thankful every day for all of my girlfriends; the few, the strong, the tolerating of my crazy!  I am thankful for my sisters maternity leave, and for other girlfriends with incredible long distance plans.  I am also thankful to all of you!  My invisible friends on the other side of the screen who shout encouragement when I have had a bad day, and laugh at stories that aren’t really funny  only a tired Mama would understand.

Today I send a big fat shout out to all the Mamas out there working their way through this world the best they can.  Whether your path has you working from home, in an office downtown, slaving away in a restaurant or store, or fighting for that coveted position just out of reach, I send a big CHEERS to you.  No one in this world works harder than a Mom.

My wish for all of you today…extra sloppy hugs and kisses, huge belly laughs from your babies, time to play and maybe even a decent nights sleep. 

Oh and nervy girl who had the audacity to go back to work full time….I am all kinds of proud of you. xo 


  1. Oh I love this post it is so true the hardest decision any Mother can make. CHEERS to all the Moms at home and working. B

  2. Cheers and Kudos back to you!!!!

  3. smiles…def props to the moms….its not easy at all…i got a little taste when i was working 2nd shift and handling the daily affairs…but def props moms…smiles.

  4. It is definitely a challenging job. It helps to have the support of friends and when life moves them in a different direction it leaves a void. Have a good weekend!

  5. Having been a working mama and a stay at home mama and now a stay at home wife, I so understand! It took me longer to get used to staying home than I thought and I missed working for a long time. Now, looking back, I’m thankful for the chance to stay home after many years of taking my kids to day care!

    I think my blog friends are the best! :). No matter where you live, you always have a friend to share your stories with.

  6. I’ve been on both sides too….and neither are easy!!!
    Loved this post. XOXOX

  7. I remember when my bestie went back to work as a teacher, I thought I was gonna cry! I was happy for her, but so lonely for her too.

  8. I pray every day that I can become a work from home Mom…sigh. Soon I hope.

  9. Amen! Thank you and right back at ya. Mwah!

  10. I’ve had a few friends actually move out of town and it changed my life 🙁

  11. I remember when I stayed home with my new baby – no one else I knew was a SAHM – it was extremely lonely. Especially considering we didn’t have the internet!

  12. Well yes your are giving a great big hug but try to include us old ones who did it and are grannies. We need a bit of inclusion too.
    White hair seems to send a vibe of too old:(
    But I hear you very well an get what you mean:)

  13. This was too cute and true. I know exactly how you feel. It is a big responsibilty staying home with the kids and can be overwhelming. Make sure you and your friend has a chance for a girls night out to keep you both connected.

  14. Awwwww… thanks. 🙂 And don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t give my right arm for a coffee date with you right now. xo

  15. Being a SAHM is the hardest and unlauded job in the world. Good for you!

  16. It is hard when a friend goes back to work. It can be lonely staying home with the kids.

  17. I have been in termoil for years about the work don’t work topic. I feel like we need the money and I could use the social interaction. We just moved a few months ago and I havent’ met anyone yet so I’m lonely. I feel like everyone works.

  18. Being a mummy is hard no matter what choice you make. Hugs xxx

  19. That’s always a hard choice to make about working!

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