Ramblings From The Suburbs at 2am

Too much coffee? Pre-menopausal? Just plain too much on my mind?  I don’t have a clue.  What I do know is that I am awake.  Like all the time.  So last night, I got up and wrote down my ridiculous thoughts.  Now lucky you, here’s a peek into the thoughts bouncing around inside my head.

-Migraines Suck.

-So do mean people.

-I can’t believe what just happened on Boardwalk Empire! (and no I will not tell you.  I hate those spoiler alert kind of people.  Just go watch. 2nd last Episode of Season 2)

-Damn.  Forgot to buy chip dip at the store today!  I secretly think this is because my brain knows my body can’t handle any more physical expansion.  Chip Dip = Bigger Butt

-Low rider jeans kind of suck.  I mean, it doesn’t matter how big my butt actually gets those jeans just keep sliding off.  Excuse to buy a new belt?

-Maybe those dudes with suspenders are smarter then the rest of all humanity. Forget fashion sense, at least when they bend down the entire world is not getting a peek at their hinnies!

-Who are all these people on International House Hunters?  How on earth can they not only afford a second fabulous home somewhere on a gorgeous beach or far off Europe, but be able to just pack up their entire lives and just…move!

-Can I block my Dentists phone number?  His office keeps calling and calling and CALLING.  All to repeatedly tell me that I’m “due” for a simple cleaning.  I know this. I get it.  Message heard, but here’s the thing, I’m terrified of that dude in the white coat. I simply don’t want to go, and the more you call and nag the less I want to.  I’m all kinds of stubborn like that.  So QUIT nagging.  I will go when I am good and ready.  Maybe.

-I need to go visit my Granny, it’s been too long.

Good grief.  no wonder I can’t sleep, it’s a very strange place inside my head. 

Pass the Nyquil.


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  1. Good Grief! Your brain is working overtime! Have a glass of wine or a glass of warm milk and read a book! I just voted for you! Good luck!

  2. ooo not good at all when the dentist keeps calling…chip dip – heaven…haha….thank goodness i dont have to worry about low rider jeans…

  3. Hate it when I can’t sleep. I end up entering contests for candy or things I don’t need and won’t win. I watch entire seasons (several) of Damages. Must sleep before I am Damaged 🙂

  4. Wow is everyones head at 2 am the same? It sounds very familiar to me. I do hope you get rid of those nasty migraines soon and sleep.
    Take care. B

  5. I am so overdue for a dentist visit too– and then I just keep putting it off as I don’t want to get the lecture about how long it has been so then I wait longer… stupid dentist.

    I hate low rider jeans- especially since I have a long toso- I really show off everything.

  6. Oh and you are at 35 now 🙂

  7. I hope you fel better for writing it down, sometimes it helps to get it off your chest right?

  8. How come I’ve never heard of that show before now?

    I can not stand the dentist, absolutely hate going. I do go, but I clench my fists the entire time. Literally.

  9. Maybe your dentist knows about your blog?

  10. I hear ya about that International House Hunters show. What really gets me are these couple who look like they’re in their late 20s buy second homes with a budget of 800K. What’s up with that?

  11. Things that keep me awake:

    1. I HAVE to go to get my cleaning, much as I DETEST the scraping, because I’ve cancelled too many appointments, so now they’ll charge me $150 if I miss again. Grrr…

    2. Six months ago, my jeans fell off in the parking lot of the grocery store. I happened to be wearing underwear that day, thank goodness. I am not skinny,but they were low rider and I didn’t have a belt (belts for fat people are hard to find).

    3. I have nightmares about children in the lunch room at my son’s school making making fun of me, for instance, if my pants were to fall off.

    4. I missed Grey’s Anatomy. The horrror.

  12. I actually bought some sour cream to make onion dip this weekend. It is low carb and I will have celery for me, chips for the others. I agree, those houses are always expensive! I’m behind you 100% on the dentist, I can’t go. Fun post Stephanie. Now get some sleep….

  13. I will vote for you again…thanks for the reminder.
    Everything eles will wait….but please go visit your Granny. You will thank me.

  14. Man lady, you and I seem to have the same mindset at 1, 2, 3 am! My mind is always ‘On’ and I can’t seem to shut it off!

    I’ve definitely used my fair share of Nyquil and Excedrin PM (when it wasn’t recalled that is).

    I’ve been hearing so much about Boardwalk Empire! I’m quite curious…

    Hopefully you’re sleeping better lately and your mind isn’t running around and around. And around and around o.O

  15. Ahh random mumblings in the middle of the night. I am all too familiar with them! Sometimes, it’s when I have my BEST ideas!

  16. This sounds much like my head any time of day 😉

  17. This sounds much like my head any time of day 😉

  18. I think you need a good vacation!

  19. Great post!

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