Post From The Past – TMI

On Wednesday November 10, 2010 I wrote the post below.  I can’t believe how much blogging, tweeting and facebooking has changed my life since then!  Today I say thanks for my many blessings, all the doors that have been opened, the incredible friends I have made, and the astonishingly smart and savvy women (and men!) I have met along the way!   
Coming out of Hiding?

I’ve been “outed”.

Turns out going to a social media conference forces you to show your real face. I went to Blissdom Canada and met people in real life. Weird right? I guess it was inevitable, I mean I couldn’t walk around with a bag over my head forever. At this point my friends and family still don’t know I blog, so I can continue to make grammatical mistakes, blog about sex and indelicate bathroom situations, and b*tch about Mommy cliques. But I’ve been thinking, is it fair for every other blog in the world yeah like I’m that popular to be flashin and posting my picture around when I have not even posted one of myself yet??

So with that in mind. Here you go. This is me:



….and just so you know.

I am not the girl who can pull off the two cute pony tails…not even at home.

I am not the life of the party, even if I wish I was, but I do host a fabulous one.

I love a great glass of wine, but wow, wine hates me now. Instant headache. Same deal with hotdogs.

I can pretty much talk to anyone.

I am a rule follower. A bit of a goody two shoes. Sexy right?

I am prompt.

I detest liars, I get this from my Dad.

I am one of the few people who adore the sunshine, but prays for rain when the barometer takes a dip. Me and weather changes do not get along.

I am 5 pounds ..nope..10 pounds over weight and sick about it. Having had a rib/back injury doesn’t seem to be a good enough excuse anymore.

I adore all things popcorn, chocolate, anything baked and Starbucks. Yummmm. This is not helping.

I crave travel. Adore the planning and am usually thinking about my next trip before the suitcases are unpacked.

I firmly believe in the power of true love.

I hate having to ask for help.

I can be passive aggressive, not sneaky, just quietly annoyed.

I love my children with my entire heart…so much that it hurts sometimes.

I am blessed to be married to my best friend.

Just so you know…..

So there you go, two years later and I still feel the same.  Perhaps even more vulnerable and naked now since my Mom and neighbours found out I blog! 

So now it is your turn, go on spill…what should I know about you?


  1. Stephanie WOW I am so happy to meet you. You are beautiful inside and out.
    I at least let my Mom know I blog.I am not ready to show my old face yet. I guess I am not going to one of those conferences yet:)
    I am so in awe of a talented and funny woman who can show herself to the world I am impressed to say the least.I guess since I am not that brave I salute you.
    Congratulations and it is so nice to meet you.Your Mom is going to love your blog and be so proud I know because mine is. Hug B

  2. When my family found my blog, it made me think about things longer before I pushed “publish”.

  3. So nice to meet you! I am new to blogging and the first thing I did was post about myself and tell my family that I was going to take this venture into blog land. So, great to see other moms be open and proud of who they are. Way to go!

  4. ha. one of my students found me….that is a bit sketchy…still processing how i am going to handle that one…

  5. I think I remember this post… I haven’t taken the plunge yet… still mostly anonymous… Three people know who I am in person, although one lives clear across the country and I haven’t seen her in years… two more have my home address but not my actual name… go figure!

  6. I didn’t plan my trip very well. I did not realize that Blissdom was still going on Sunday (today) and had I known, I would have stayed an extra day, and planned the final day at Blissdom…with you…wrapped in a warm embrace. Or not. We didn’t need to embrace…see, it’s this very attitude that got me in a little bit of trouble at ShesConnected…Maybe next year though…although I found the conference overwhelming and it sort of solidified my “place” in the blogging world (ie. brands won’t love me ’cause I write about women groping me) I did enjoy the camaraderie. So, yes, my beautiful friend, one day we shall meet. PS: You could TOTALLY pull off the pigtail look!

  7. Momma loves your blog!!!

  8. Stephanie, I had read this original post way back in 2010. Love it!
    I too, had married my best friend, and I love my son so much it also hurts! I am a rule follower too.
    And you are fabulous, 5 or 10 pounds look good on you (are maybe you have loss them already).
    Have a nice week ahead:-)

  9. Stephanie, I totally LOVE LOVE this post. Love how honest you. Love how you haven’t told your family and friends. Love how your “b*tch about Mommy cliques” confessions. Love how you shared more about yourself. The blogs I love to read are ones about the bloggers not just reviews or just about their kids’ achievements.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I remember this post too. My mum still doesn’t know I have a blog, to be honest I don’t think I want her too, it’s mine you know, just omething for me.

  11. This was before I met you!

    I hate liars too. I am incapable of telling an untruth.

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