Not How I Expected To Check It Off The Bucket List

I finally checked another item off my bucket list!

Mama got herself a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.  Kind of? 

The only problem, the particular “pair” I was dreaming of, they looked something like this:


So beautiful!!  But what I ended up getting? 


JimmyChoo.  NOOOOOO! Turns out life after 40 also means I need glasses.  Well for driving anyway. 

I’m trying so hard to convince myself that the need for glasses has just created a justifiable excuse to spend money on pretty things for my face.  Simply more accessories!  After all, retail therapy, even if it is shopping for glasses, is always a good thing right?  I will not cry, break down, or spiral into a small depression with the knowledge that what it really means is …. I. Am. Old.

Sigh.  Maybe I can pull off the hot librarian look?


  1. Oh dear Stephanie you are not old now you will just be able to see what is ahead. Always a good thing:) B

  2. You can totally pull off the hot librarian look! Some people even wear glasses when they don’t need to just to give it a try!

  3. Ha! Glasses are totally hot right now, though. You will rock them!

  4. lol, how I got some Michael Kors was through a discount shoe store!

    I was in Hawaii and just stood about 10 meters from the Jimmy Choo store – I couldn’t even walk in!

    I tried some on at Harrods in the UK – I’m sure they were rolling their eyes!

  5. Those glasses will go with anything! 🙂

  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since my teens. It’s not that bad. It’s all an idea. Let me tell you that, first, these glasses are awesome, you will rock! and, second, you will be wearing glasses because your eyes are so beautiful you have to put them on a window display!!!!!

  7. Ah crap.
    Should I send you a pic of the cute JC’s my sister got for her wedding? And then the pair she ACTUALLY wore for her wedding? Nice job getting $800 shoes out of her spouse!

  8. i dunno the hot librarian look is not a bad one…smiles…not there yet on glasses but if i hold true to my parents track it wont be too much longer…

  9. Just think of the glasses as a way to keep you legs happy! They sure look cute. Just wait until you need reading glasses!

  10. Hey girl – those glasses will make you look vavavavvoom! Turning 40 is nothing. lol Wait till 60 looms towards you. Love, sandie

  11. If glasses make you old then I’ve been old since the second grade!

    Love that pair – you will rock them!

  12. You as always will look amazing in them….it’s funny, I can’t wait for an eye Doc to tell me I need a pair…I have always always wished that I had to wear glasses…I just love them!! Crazy I know!

  13. LOL, I’ve been sporting glasses since I was in 3rd grade, i love how they look on me! I bet you look really cute in them!

  14. LOL….you are so funny! my eyes went the few months prior to my 40th! I’m now wearing bi-focal contact lenses!!! You are the cutest (hottest) librarian I know. 🙂

    Lolo works for an eye Dr. now and just purchased her own set of D & C glasses! It’s hell to have good taste!

  15. Not D & C.
    D & G.
    Geeze Suz.

  16. I think those glasses are quite hot. Those shoes on the other hand while glam also look quite painful.

  17. Even super young people can need glasses.

  18. You can’t beat that! If you have to wear glasses you have to go for the best.

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