I Was Holding My Breath

There is upset, worried, even scared; and then there is deep down, shaking you to the core, take your breath away fear.  For the last two months, events with my SweetGirl have had me teetering back and forth between denial and panic.  There has been fear. 

Kids aren’t supposed to get headaches.  But occasionally they do right?

It’s not normal for little girls to be covered in bruises.  Bruises all over their legs.  Never ending bruises….unless said child is a super klutzo like her Mama.  Right?

Children should not have back pain that brings them to tears.  Aches in their sides that have them cry out in pain.  Except she did just fall off the swing, oh and her bike, run into a bush, and fall off a bench all in the same day. 

So when one night’s late night tears, and one Mama’s worries become just too much it was time to push the issue, push the Doctors, and find some answers. 

My answers lead to this…

a huge sigh of relief.

Thanksgiving20124All is well, SweetGirl is well. 

I can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

I can breathe again. 

Someone once said that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body.   No truer words were ever spoken. 

It’s joy and pain, fear and hope, all wrapped into one.

It is the sweetest and purest kind of love.  

Today I once again count my blessings, give thanks for my children, their health and just breathe……


When our children are happy, so are we.


Wishing you all the best of days. 


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  1. ugh…so hard too when it is not something we can see and care for…glad that all is well…something happening to my kids is one of my greatest fears…

  2. Phew! Thank God all is well! We do worry a lot, don’t we?!

  3. I’ve been there! In my case my son did have a problem but not nearly as bad as I had feared.
    So glad your girl is OK!!

  4. So glad your girl is doing well. What a relief!

  5. Oh Im so glad she is fine! What a beautiful girl like her mom:-)
    We worry a lot, it’s in our nature. Thank God she is okay! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Stephanie.

  6. I am so thankful your sweet girl is well.
    We’ve been down that road…and are still traveling it at times. IT never gets easy.
    Hugs to you and yours!

  7. oh, I can relate so well. Parenting is emotionally exhausting. Love to you and your sweet girl – glad she is well!

  8. I’m so glad you pushed through and followed up. I would have been terrified, too. I’m grateful that SweetGirl is well.


  9. Thank goodness all is well. There is nothing that will bring a parent to the dark place than the thought that their child is not perfectly healthy and happy!!

  10. Oh mama… I hear you, I hear you, I hear you… I worry like this and when there is reason to worry it is the worst… always go to the doctor and get answers! And I’m so thankful that everything is okay!!! xoxo

  11. That is some list, I can see why you were worried out of your mind. I would have been too. *hugs* Glad she’s ok.
    Congrats on your blog status!! 🙂

  12. Oh I am so happy things turned out well. there is nothing more frightening than that. B

  13. So happy all is well with Sweetgirl. We had a scare too lately and the anguish and worry you describe has been part of our daily life for almost a quarter of this year. We too are relieved, thank God for that. Being a parents pushes your emotions to sometimes unbearable limits…

  14. I’m so so glad everything turned out ok. Glad that your sweet little girl is going to be fine.

    No one ever told me how difficult being a mother would be. They don’t tell you that part. It’s by far the hardest job ever! Lord don’t I know…we’ve been dealing with a lot in our house this past year….it’s tough, so tough.

    Glad you’re able to breathe.

  15. When we were told that parenting is hard – nobody ever said just HOW hard! I worry about mine ALL. THE. TIME.

    In fact, I don’t think I’ve let my breath out since he was born.

    So glad to hear your beautiful girl is okay.

  16. The things that can go through a mama’s mind are many and scary! So glad to hear all is well. If it’s any comfort, I still fall and always have bruises!

  17. Whew! I’m so relieved! I get bruises at a mere touch if I don’t get enough Vitamin C, by the way.

  18. Great news!

  19. I’m so glad your little girl is ok. Kids are such a worry aren’t they. X

  20. I am so glad all is well. I was a little scared to read further.
    The worry never stops. Kids just melt your heart no matter how old they are. I will probably still be a lioness when they are in their 40s.

  21. Oh Steph!!
    I am sooooooooo glad to hear that she is just fine!!

    <3 and ((hugs))

  22. It’s hard when they’re sick, feels so helpless. Glad she’s okay.

  23. There is nothing worse than having a loved one ill or not knowing what is ailing them!

    I’m glad to hear your gal is alright!!

  24. Thank God for your miracle.

  25. So glad everything is okay! Huge relief I’m sure 🙂

  26. Oh I would be a total mess with what you described! I’m glad to hear that all is well!

  27. Phew! Yes! Let there be health for our families (please God).

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