How a Dancing Girl Can Make You Travel The World

Do you know what I just did?  I just sat down with my calendar, my laptop and my phone and made SEVEN hotel reservations!  Seven people…and I’m not done! 

My oldest daughter made a fabulous competitive Cheerleading Team, and my youngest is on the sweetest competitive Dance Team.  Both teams travel.  Do you want to know the real definition of competitive?  Expensive.  These experiences on our horizon are going to be incredible for my girls, horrid for my bank balance.  Thanks to dance, cheer and my trusty credit card, we are going to see the world!  Okay not the world, but a whole heck of a lot of South Western Ontario with a few places in the States thrown in to keep it fresh. 

Already I know I will become very familiar with the interior of my car, and find myself some favourite hotel rooms along the way.  Want to see the one hotel stay I am already looking forward to?

Collingwood!  I’ve never been.  Have you? 


Another view, showing this section of the resort that I seem to keep getting drawn back to is the Westin Trillium House,  Blue Mountain.  Doesn’t look like a bad place to kick back with my girls and watch the world go by!  How beautiful is this?  Stroll in the village anyone?CollingwoodWestin_Trillium_House_Blue_Mountain


The list of activities available at this resort is truly mind boggling! Hiking, golf, skiing, rope climbing, Segway tours, gondola rides, bikes and so much more.  I’m starting to think I’m going to need more than three days to explore everything there is to do and see!

Now I don’t ski; but I do hot chocolate and hot tub. I’m sure I can fill the “non” dance hours with that!  Big old reality check.  I know not all the hotels on the cheer and dance circuit will be as glamorous and fun as this, but for now a girl can dream right?

This also has me thinking.  Where is the best place you have been “dragged” to courtesy of one of your children? 


PS Not a sponsored post, just a girl ranting about filling up her credit card.  How To Survive Cheer and Dance Competition Posts are sure to follow. 

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  1. It looks like lots of interesting places but hard on the bank account like you said.

  2. Voted! 😉 Collingwood is great, we were just there on Labour Day weekend and it is close to where we go in the winter.

  3. Oh you are going to love Collingwood I have only been once but it is a cute place. Good luck Mom and dancing girl. Enjoy. B

  4. oh wow…you are going to get to see some really cool places….and some good dancing too of course…smiles.

  5. I Voted!!! Boy! these places look magical and…expensive! Wherever you go and wherever you stay you will have a blast with your daughters, I’m sure. Good luck to your girls!

  6. Although expensive, these are going to be some amazing experiences for your daughters!

    They are lucky to have a mom like you! 🙂

    Voted too! Good luck

  7. I need a holiday. Oh, right, Blissdom. You are only #41. Obviously you are not pimping yourself out enough. Dumb contests!

  8. You HAVE to go on the mountain coaster. It is fun for the whole family! You’ll love staying in the village too. Have fun!

  9. Wow! That little village town looks amazing!! All my dance competitions were in boring places…like Indianaoplis.

    Hard on the wallet, but good for the soul I guess! Enjoy all your travels!

  10. Sounds like you are very busy keeping up with your kids activities! Collingwood is a beautiful place, I’ve been there a few times. You will enjoy it 🙂

  11. It will definitely put a dent in the checking account…but you will have so much fun! All the places you will see and the great experience for your girls.

  12. Even though I don’t travel to competition events like you, I do drive my girls around to their after school activities and other whatever events that happen to pop up in the spur of the moment, so I can totally relate to waiting in the car and knowing the interior of it well. For the love of our children, right?

  13. Well we are not there yet but I’m priming my little ballerina here..daddy can take care of the boys!

  14. I’ve been to Collingwood many times and it’s a great destination, winter or summer.

  15. I visited Blue Mountain over the summer. It’s a great place for family fun (and beautiful)!

  16. That resort looks amazing…unlike all the dive hotels we stayed in during travel ball!!! Have fun Mama!

  17. Those are some lovely pictures

  18. Can I come? It looks like an amazing place to visit. Hope I can go there someday. Have fun. How exciting for your girls being in dance and cheer.

  19. What a great experience for anyone, let alone a young girl. It looks like a great place to visit! So excited for you and the family. I know it’s hard on the wallet, but think about all the experiences you will all gain from it! Priceless!

  20. Yup! went here with work and stayed at the Westin Trillium actually! By the way.. I know the $$ are adding up but if you get the chance to visit the Scandanavia spa in collingwood… while it’s snowing.. DO IT!

    We’re a family addicted to travel too ( nearly one year old bub has been to 11 cities so far!). If you’d like to follow our journey.. checkout

  21. I would love to take this trip but it sounds really expensive.

  22. I thought you were posting pictures from Northern Europe.

  23. When I was younger, I was on a competitive team that travelled. It was VERY expensive but if she’s really good maybe you can get some sponsors? Gear places really love to get their name out there by them wearing tshirts at the comps and stuff.

    I’ve been there! You’ll love it!

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