Enough Already

Dark and dreary is just not my thing. 

A rainy drive on the afternoon carpool is in no way romantic. 

Doesn’t it seem when it’s grey and dingy, children are louder!?   RainyStreet

Getting them home is no better, it’s not like you can set them loose in the backyard. 

Look at it out there!!  Blech.  It’s been days of this!

 WetBackyard                                                     The one and only saving grace from the dark and dreary, the colour from the trees.

Mother Nature is truly amazing. 


Want to know a secret, even the power of that colour isn’t going to stop me from checking out all the flights heading south today!  I can’t wait to escape the cold and it’s only October!! 

Oh good grief, how many days until summer?   This might be the longest winter yet. 

I hope wherever you are, you have sunshine. 


  1. LOL, so sorry. I feel your pain though, but the opposite. Here in Florida it barely got out of the 90’s small cold front, in the 80’s…should be another cold front tonight… *crosses fingers* I hate sweating.

  2. Oh I can relate to every word in this post!

  3. We had that weather the majority of the summer….I surely feel your pain! Here’s to good weather days ahead!

  4. nasty wet here today too…but the color of the trees def makes up for it…

  5. I totally wish I could get away somewhere warm this summer, too. Wet weather sure is dreary.

    PS. That playground looks totally awesome, even wet from the rain.

  6. I like rainy days if I have no where to go. It was like that here this weekend. Today was better, but I think after tomorrow it’s more rain.

  7. Time to invest in a natural light source to cure the dark and dreary blues. Either that or a fine bottle of wine.

  8. Head towards Athens, Greece! It’s sunny with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s! It’s been a long summer! I miss the Fall! I love taking naps (if allowed) when it rains!

  9. Sunshine and warm weather a plenty down under!

  10. Oh, I feel that pain all too well! It is really no better here in MB and I, too, am looking at flights down south 🙂

  11. I’m counting down the days until summer too. I have been since labor day. I detest winter!

  12. i can’t wait until next summer

  13. Even a post on grey weather sounds cheery written by you. My day is brightened 🙂

  14. Yes, we have sunshine….and heat too. TOO much heat.
    That colorful tree is a gift for the soul!!!

  15. Today was nice & sunny day. Nasty weather is quite depressing.

  16. We have gotten nothing here but rain, rain, rain. The leaves are gorgeous though, as is your playhouse (gigantic – can we borrow that?)

  17. Sending you some sunshine 🙂 The trees are beautiful.

  18. I totally agree with the Children seem louder when it rains.

  19. Over where I am, we’ve been fortunate to have bright and surprisingly mild whether. But I agree, rain makes everything dreary (and makes kids louder!)

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