$150 Shoppers Drug Mart Give Away!

Oh I hate to be the one to have to break this to you, but winter is almost upon us.  Worse than that, with winter comes the inevitable winter colds and flus.  Yuck.  My plan is to make sure we eat well, that we all take our vitamins and of course as with all good hypochondriacs Mamas, be prepared! 
So when Shoppers Drug Mart approached me to see if would like to help them celebrate their 50th Anniversary I jumped at the chance! In all honesty, I love Shoppers Drug Mart, I’m there a lot!

Thanks to the generous people of Shoppers Drug Mart I am able to offer my Canadian readers a  chance to win a Cold and Flu Defense Kit, to help prevent the flu and manage cold symptoms when they do occur!!  


Valued at over $150, the Shoppers Drug Mart Cold and Flu Defense Kit contains a $50 gift card to use at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, where you can now go to get your annual flu shot.  It also contains essential items you should have on hand in your medicine cabinet including Life Brand Hand Sanitizer, Digital Thermometer, Sugar-free cough drops, facial tissue, Vitamins D and C, a Humidifier and Simply Food Chicken Noodle Soup. 
The lucky winner will get to choose the colour of Humidifier they would like to have in their home!


Yes, everything you need to have in your house cold and flu ready before that dreaded season hits!!  For more information on a flu clinic near you, please contact your local Shoppers Drug Mart Store

Here’s how to enter this generous giveaway!  Use the easy Rafflecopter Form provided below.  Mandatory entry will require you to leave a comment on this post telling me how you prepare for the cold and flu season. 
Please note this giveaway is open to Canada only and I ask that you provide a valid e-mail address with entry. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  I received special perks for hosting this giveaway, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Once notified, winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn.  PR company is responsible for shipping.


  1. Always take a multivitamin daily and wash your hands frequently especially after public areas!!

  2. I eat lots of garlic & try to get a good nights sleep.

  3. Sleep, washing hands and vitamins for the whole family.

  4. Sleep! With 2 young girls it’s hard though. Try to eat right and wash ALOT!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Vitamin D!! All the way.

  6. Wash my hands more, take more vitamins (E & C) !!!!!!

  7. We’re prepared. Lots of kleenex and hand sanitizer. Miss R is taking vitamins and I have a nasal rinse.

  8. Washing hands and using sanitizer more often! Not looking forward to the flu season!

  9. I try and always have a stock of facial tissue, cough medicine, etc. on hand because lord knows trudging to the store and paying full price is the LAST THING you want to be doing when you’re sick.

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    Almost As Good As A Day At The Beach

  11. Hi! I commented on your post “I Was Holding My Breath”. Others seem to be posting the best way to fight off colds as well so here’s my tip….oil of oregeno every day or double up if you’re feeling like the flu/or cold is coming. The Shopper’s sells them in capsule form small enough for 7 yr old to swallow. I have most of the teachers at our school hooked on them and for 3 yrs, fingers crossed, they’ve worked!!

  12. I get the flu shot

  13. Melissa Finn says:

    Kleenex, flu shot, advil and hand sanitizer.

  14. Handwashing and sanitizer as much as possible.

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    How a Dancing Girl Can Make You Travel The World

  16. I stock up on habd sanitizer and remild the kids about keeping Kleenex with them at all times.

  17. I take VItamin C daily and extra as soon as I start to feel cold symptoms coming on.

  18. Lots of hand washing!

  19. Vitamins, more hand washing and use disinfecting wipes more frequently on door handles, phone and carts!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  20. I load up on Vitamin C in our drinks, and lysol everything!!

  21. We make sure to have lots of kleenex and medicine

  22. commented on Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer Winner 🙂

  23. I take the flu shot every year.

  24. I take a multi-vitamin/mineral daily and when I feel a cold coming on, I take extra Vitamin D.

  25. i try to make sure my girls(and us) are taking our vitamins, eating well, washing hands well, etc etc.

    christyplus2 at gmail dot com

  26. I make sure I have Oil of Oregano on hand to take at the first sign of a cold.

  27. Vitamin C stock & Neti Pot


  28. washing hands and flu shot

  29. I stock up on vitamins and cold remedies and get the flu shot.

  30. commented on ramblings from the suburbs @ 2am 🙂 still think lowrise jeans suck

  31. Lots of hand washing and vitamins! and dressing appropriately!;)

  32. Just a flu shot and washing hands.

  33. I commented on:
    How a Dancing Girl Can Make You Travel The World

  34. Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer!

  35. Lots and lots of hand sanitizer

  36. I try to burrow under the duvet and not reappear until the May long weekend. That and Vitamin D. 🙂

  37. Unfortunately, I don’t prepare…so I could really use this prize pack!

  38. I am constantly around sick people with my line of work – this time of year I up my daily vitamin D supplements and ensure I am washing my hands very often!

  39. Vitamin C and hand sanitizer.

  40. I commented on this blog post:

    Ramblings From The Suburbs at 2am

  41. get a flu shot, and take my vitamins

  42. Lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer.

  43. I increase hand washing, especially after school!

  44. Commented on Holding my Breath

  45. I take lots of vitamins!!

  46. I eat healthy, exercise whenever I can, lots of fluids, and get lots of rest. Try to stay away from anyone who’s sick.

  47. Oil of Oregano is a miracle at the first sign of illness, and make sure we eat extra healthy- lots of homemade soup!

  48. What a great prize pack! My house is starting to stock up on Vitamin C chewables. @cathyincanada cathy@cathyincanada.com

  49. I always try to make sure we have lots of Vit C and you know I carry tons of hand sanitizer. There is also a great cold tea made that Shoppers carries, I usually have lots of that around.

  50. We eat healthy and exercise and wash our hands

  51. Vitamin C and hand sanitizer in stock

  52. Try and eat healthy and a good night’s sleep. I find diet and lack of sleep can compromise one’s immune system.

  53. wash your hands frequently and get a good night of sleep

    tinalee351 at gmail dot com

  54. I prepare for the season by grabbing lots of kleenex and cold medicines


    belinda mcnabb

  55. I wash my hands more frequently throughout the day, take vitamin c and try not to get overtired and run down!

  56. Extra doses of vitamins C and D.If anyone does get sick washing of door handles etc.

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    Passive Aggressive Letters From The Burbs

  58. I wash my hands and get enough sleep every night!

  59. we just try to eat healthy,and stay active,and stock up on vitamins,and cold medicine.!
    (Karla Sceviour)

  60. Handwash frequently, and when you can’t sanitizer is my best friend

    leannemacg at gmail.com

  61. I commented on the Sunday Sweetness With Kellogg’s! post

  62. I stock up on vitamin c and make sure their is plenty of hand santizer around!

    sweetpeg at gmail dot com

  63. Well I’d like to say I drink fluids, get plenty of rest and stock up on supplies, but truthfully I don’t do anything except hope I don’t get sick!
    thanks for the chance
    amymbrown at gmail.com

  64. Wash my hands all the time

  65. We mostly just wash our hands a lot, and sometimes use hand sanitizer. We also take our daily multi-vitamins and try to eat healthy.

  66. I prepare by stocking up on vitamins, especially vitamin D.
    torontoteachermom@ hotmail. com

  67. Mostly we focus on hand washing, the kids have disinfectant in their lunch box and we practice coughing and sneezing into our elbows.

  68. Stock up on Vitamin C, Advil, & Tylenol

  69. I stock up on Kleenex, sanitizer, ginger ale, Advil and gravol!

  70. I prepare by staying away from people, using a healthy supply of Purell, and hooking up an IV bag full of chicken soup

  71. Get at least 7 hours of sleep at night and lots of water during the day

  72. Eating healthy, constant handwashing (almost ocd like), and plenty of rest!

  73. we try and eat healthier and moderate our sugary snacks. Also, big fans of drinking lots of extra water.

    summerdual AT gmail DOT com

  74. Always take my vitamins, garlic and wash my hands frequently during the day.

  75. Lots of tea, antibacterial cleaners, eucalyptus and soup!

  76. KittyPride says:

    I use hot lemon tea with honey and wash my hands.

    skylark22 @ yahoo.com

  77. I use lots of echinacea, vitamin c and try to drink as much water as possible

  78. Get a flu shot

  79. Hand sanitizer and vitamins! and lots of sleep (when you can)

  80. I prepare for the cold and flu season by washing my hands frequently, upping my dosage of Vitamin C. I also use a neti pot every few days too.


  81. I drink orange juice and wash my hands often. Oh, and stock up on tissues.

    Adina H.

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