Yes, I’m THAT Girl

Confession time.  I am THAT girl.  The one who truly does get excited for the travelling fall fair.  It might be pathetic, but it’s true!  The question I keep asking myself is WHY?  Why out of the the four people in my house, two of them being littlish people, am I the one who gets the most enjoyment out of this annual fall event.  Is it perhaps the people watching?  How can you get tired of spotting gawking at a grown man with multiple exotic birds sitting pooping all over on his shoulders, groups of teens dressed in everything from Goth to prep and pierced EVERYWHERE, and the true characters that work the games!  Some might argue the view is better when hanging out far far above the crowd. (you don’t get caught staring)


Perhaps it’s the super cute animal shows, all rescue dogs of course, bringing the crowds to their feet with their agility, strength and just pure cute factor!


I know the rides are part of the intrigue, sometimes making me shake in my boots, other times making me laugh until I cry as the same phrase is yelled over and over, “Do you want to go faster?”.  Am I the only one who doesn’t want to go faster??

IMG_8402Of course  it could be the truly awesome snackage! Everything from deep fried butter tarts, beer nuts, to the best fudge ever. So worth the calories. you burn it all off laughing and gawking anyway. FYI Below is a picture of TWO deep fried butter tarts with a little whip cream and chocolate sauce on top, you know, because it would be silly to have deep fried pastries without whip cream!


The draw of the fair might be the look on my little one’s face as she gets to not only see, but touch something truly amazing for the very first time. Soft, cute, educational, even inspiring! (Ack and now I am off both eggs and chickens for awhile)


Or simply feeling true joy as my girls forget all their little troubles for just a little while and get lost in the moment.  I think there is a little bit of magic in the fair.  IMG_8374

I know this once a year event is not fancy, and it certainly isn’t cheap, but it is fun.  Good old fashioned, laugh till your sides hurt, eat till you feel sick, memory making fun.  I hope my girls will let me continue to drag them to the fair for years to come because truth is, I adore being THAT girl.


  1. i love the fair…there are always people you only ever see at fairs too…ha…which can be scary down here…saw several festival flyers this week…will have to see whats cooking this weekend…

  2. I’m a sucker for fairs as well. Mainly for the food and exceptional people watching. I can’t do the rides though. Something about entrusting my life with a carnie just doesn’t sit right. LOL!

  3. Oh these are the perfect events to share with your girls. Deep fried butter tarts and whip creme I am so interested now:)
    I don’t like going faster either. B

  4. Eat some cheese curds and a corn dog for me, will ya? Oh, and a pork chop on a stick, and a deep fried Oreo, and peaches and cream, and a gyro, and french fries, and…

  5. I LOVE the fair and everything that goes along with it! So far…the best fair we’ve been to….is the Minnesota State Fair. I mean, come on, deep fried cheese curds people! It doesn’t get better than that! And who doesn’t like people watching?

  6. We call it the show down yonder but I am te same I love it and find myself driving past the show ground multiple times as it sets up, just in anticipation.

  7. Some of my best memories growing up were attending the fairs with my family and friends – I can see how your love for it is still there 🙂

  8. Yep, those carnies with no teeth are certainly entertaining. 🙂
    Love all the photos; you are making lovely memories with your sweet girls!

  9. I’m with you, I love the fair….just need some help coaxing my husband into feeling the same! I think we might try a small town fair next weekend, I think D is the perfect age for that!! 🙂 or so I tell myself anyways!!!!

  10. I’m glad you get excited! I love the rides and the food. Looks like you had fun. Love the picture of the girls on the ride!

  11. I’ll say I loved the fair as a teen, but just don’t care for it now. But looks like you had a great time! And those goodies look super delicious!

  12. I always love the fair!! What a great and fun time!

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