Kitchen Kravings

Do you know how long I’ve been married?  Sixteen years!  Yes, that is closer to two decades then one.  A reason to be proud for sure, but not a reason to be excited at the state of my “stuff” in the kitchen. I remember when my Hubby and I first set up house everything was shiny and new, and made cooking in the kitchen so much more fun.  Now all these years later, my dear kitchen could truly use some new life infused into it.  Perhaps something shiny and new in the kitchen would inspire me to bring out my domestic goddess?  Hey, it could happen! 

Here is my list of five things I am truly “Kraving” from SHOP.CA and their ever growing site!

Number 1



*Interior stainless steel layer, high corrosion resistance.
*Mirror polished and dishwasher safe surface.
*The hollow handles minimize the heat transfer, which means the handle
stays cool longer.
*Set includes; 8 inch frypan, 9.5 inch frypan, 1.1qt covered saucepan,
2.1qt covered saucepan, 8qt covered stackpot, 9.5 inch covered sautepan.
*Ten year warranty.

I know this seems like a ridiculous thing to krave, but after 16 years my pots and pans consist of odds and ends, pots without lids and pans with scratches.  Oh how I would love to donate the old stuff and start up with the new!  Besides.  This set is 60% off right now!  Hello I could save $450.00 and fill my cabinets for only $299.99


Number 2


SoftScrapeTM 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Case

Yes, I do own a hand mixer.  Perhaps that should read did own a hand mixer.  Umm it kind of started smoking the last time I made cookie dough.  This little number with the soft scrape is definitely on my shopping list.  It’s provided by Hamilton Beach, how can you go wrong.  Plus it would mean more cookies in my house!

Number 3


10 Cup Food Processor

Prepare an endless variety of food fast
Lid flips over for compact storage to save cabinet space
Chop onions, mix sauces, grate cheese, shred cabbage, prepare pesto or slice salad ingredients in seconds
Lets you process large batches, but just as easily, chop a few nuts
Powerful 500 Watts
Large feed tube fits a whole block of cheese
Reversible slice/shred discs and chopping blade are included
Easy-to-use speed switch
Cord storage area
Bowl, lid, chopping blade and reversible slice/shred disc are dishwasher safe

Confession! I have not ever owned a food processor!  After reading through the description, and realizing it is listed at only $69.99 I don’t know how I have lived without one! Want.  I’m sure I could kick things up in the kitchen if I had one of these little babies in my kitchen cupboard!

Number 4



I simply MUST have this!!  (Oh and it is on sale right now!! $20.00 off!) It’s cordless, it’s funky and it just screams for some cool Mama to make the best hot chocolate ever out of it!  Well at least that is what I hear it screaming.  Check out these other fab features:

*Locked safety lid, opens at the touch of a button.
*Overheating and run-dry safeguards.
*Water filter.
*Lighted housing when in operation.
*Capacity; 1.5L \ 7 cups.
*Cordless central contact.

There are a lot of pretty kettles to look through on the SHOP.CA site!

Number 5




*Tilt head design.
*Unique Planetary mixing action.
*Durable all metal construction.
*9 cup (2.1Liter) flour power mix.*Standard accessories includes a flat
beater for general mixing, dough hook to knead dough and wire whip for
whipped cream, meringues, and icings. *Pouring Shield included minimizes
splash-out and flour-puff. *Unique beater spirals to 67 different touch
*Inside a sturdy, all metal frame, the direct drive transmission ensures
the 325 watt motor reliably delivers the power to handle heavy mixture.
*10 speed *Capacity 5Qt (4.7L)
*Size; 7.5 inch X 12.5 inch X 14 inch.
*One year warranty.

They are on sale!  Squee!  A whopping 28% off right now!! Regularly priced $499.99 you can save $140.00!!  Yes this pretty little number is just $359.99 and as always with SHOP.CA free shipping is included. 

I may not be much of a cook, but I am a baker.  The ultimate for me would be this Artisan Stan Mixer either in this stunning red or gorgeous pink!  How could you not have fun baking up some goodness with one of these little beauties!  Yes, most of all I krave one of these beautiful 9 cup kitchen aid mixers! Truly Drool worthy, especially at this price!

I think my Kitchen Kravings wish list could go on and on!  Want to talk all things Kitchen Kravings? Be sure to join us tonight for our Kitchen Kraving Twitter Party with some amazing prizes courtesy of SHOP.CA.  Just follow the link to RSVP  It’s going to be epic!


Disclosure: I am part of the SHOP.CA Super Shopper program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. wonderful products

  2. There’s something soooo nice about a set of pots and pans. I bought a new set a few years ago, but I ended up going back to the first set I ever had. Now I do want a new one though. Am I fickle?

  3. Oh my gosh, my food processor is hands down my favorite kitchen item. Seriously, chopping onions? A breeze. Make cookie dough? No problem. Slice potatoes for scalloped potatoes? Done! Seriously, it’s a must-have!

  4. Oh! That cordless kettle would be perfect to take tailgating!

  5. I just got the Artisan mixer, but in Embassy black because my husband insisted that since he does most of the cooking it should be manly.

    Congrats on 16 years.

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