It’s Bangs Or Botox Baby

I am a 41 year old Mama doing the very best I can, and trying to look my best as I survive this crazy life in the Suburbs.  I thought I was holding it together okay.  Sure, I’m carrying a couple extra pounds, there is a little extra wiggle where there shouldn’t be, and more than a few laugh lines.  I’ve just been chalking it all up to a life well lived.  Then one very bright and beautiful morning, I noticed my forehead.  What the hell is going on there??  That bitch was giving me away!  A look in the review mirror quickly revealed that craters were developing, running parallel across what used to be a smooth and friendly face.  Eww.   It’s official, I have OLD WOMAN FOREHEAD.  Shiver.
Thanks to the startling discovery that I have been walking around town looking like a dried out apple, I began toying with the idea of bangs.  Sigh.  Bangs.  I hate me with bangs!  Never straight, always out of place, and often just begging to be trimmed….errrr by me.  Scissors and Stephanie equals disaster!  I can’t go back to bangs!  I have had to try to put the nasty bang thought out of my head.  Besides, have you seen how long my hair is?  Bangs are a huge commitment.  Not ready. 
So what’s a girl to do?  Face cream?  Pft.  Like that’s going to work. 
Then I overheard a girlfriend whispering about Botox.  Yep, I was all kinds of intrigued.  She spilled the dets on a “friend” who had been “doing it” for years!  Years?  No wrinkles!  Getting rid of the old woman forehead?  All selling points for me.  Suddenly I was noticing ads for Botox on the sides of busses, and hearing commercials screaming about the benefits of Botox on the radio.  I even heard Botox could help migraine sufferers!  Was this a sign? 
Then I ran into said “friend”. 
I tried to look her in the eyes when we spoke, I really did.  I couldn’t.  I couldn’t look away from her forehead!  Her lips moved, her cheeks moved, even her eyelids seemed to be in working order, but her forehead was all “plasticy”?  I couldn’t look away from her perfectly smooth, gorgeously wrinkle free, just not moving face.  She was too perfect. (insert jealousy font)
So what’s a girl to do?  When left with a decision between bad bangs or Botox? 
Courtney Love vs. Jocelyn Wildenstein
Pictures borrowed from haironthebrain and
I don’t know, maybe I will start wearing hats?
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  1. O.K. my own friends dont know this (and if they ever stumble on your blog I’ll say I don’t know who wrote this)…..I’m 60 and have been getting botox for about 8 years. I can move my face, I have expression and plenty of it! The woman on the right had a lot more than botox. Of course, I didn’t get it in my 40’s and you’re gorgeous and don’t look like you need it!!!

    I do also believe in moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 🙂

    I’m for botox if a person can talk their husband into letting them do it….we also have no kids at home that we have to spend money on anymore. 🙂

  2. I forget what I was going to say after that shot of cat woman:)
    I think to myself I earned every wrinkle on my pretty little head. You should think that way it works. 🙂 B

  3. For now I’m going with bangs.m

  4. Meow.
    I think a lot of people do get botox and don’t look all plasticky. I’ve thought about it…but the wrinkles don’t bother me as much as my sagging jaw/neck. No way around that but a scalpel.
    Girl, you could rock bangs OR a little bit of wrinkles.

  5. BOTOX. I have never done it, but would. I think….

  6. I think it can be done ok, but some people always take it to the extreme. That being said, I’ll leave it to you to be our guinea pig.

  7. I have bangs. But, I have had bangs since I first grew hair. I tried not having bangs and THAT doesn’t work for me. So, if bangs don’t work for you I’d just life my chin and not worry about it. From your pictures you look gorgeous. I say, keep rocking that. 🙂

  8. I recently noticed two rather deep creases above my nose, between my eyebrows and thought, “Where in the hell did THOSE come from?” Gah. So, the choices a) Bangs(I hate me with bangs too!) b) Botox…hate needles!! c) Keeping my eyebrows permanently raised as though surprised seems to smooths those the lines right out. Which to choose? 😉

  9. ha those botox pics scare me…shivers…no way…perhaps a burka you know…smiles…ok so maybe a hat…really i cant notice from your pics so…

  10. Botox seems to leave many a tad ‘off’ to me as well..

    From your photos, I would have to say you have no need for the stuff anyhow! You’re a beautiful lady who has aged wonderfully thus far! 🙂

  11. I’m too afraid to try anything like that. I will grow old, not sure if it will be gracefully!
    I voted….

  12. This post made me literally LOL. I’m 43 and in the same predicament. And bangs and me are not friends. Round face = bad, bad look with bangs. I’ve always been anti-injections, but I’m starting to waiver…Let me know if you find any alternatives. I’ll be right here waiting on a package of Strivectin.

  13. Well, I’d go with bangs myself. I already have them, always did. I think you’re too young to start messing with your skin in such a way (and judging form your photo you really don’t need to). I will think about it in my sixties, perhaps. For now I choose to ignore the lines, camouflage them, and take better care of my skin.

  14. Neither! Be French and wear your wrinkles proudly.

  15. I’d say bangs, but heck, botox may be the better option LOL!

  16. Boo to Botox, that’s just creepy!!!

  17. I duno… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with aging and having some wrinkles 🙂 I wouldn’t personally get botox… and I look like a child with bangs and can’t be bothered with always having to style them.

  18. I think it can be okay if it’s done right. There’s a video on youtube where actress Vanessa Williams explains she gets less amounts of botox so she doesn’t look weird and frozen.

  19. First, I don’t believe in putting anything into my skin – just creeps me out. Secondly, you are and will be drop dead gorgeous for a long time! Moisturizing is the best thing you can do for your entire skin – wish I had done that in my early 40’s and earlier! So I do it now, religiously! 🙂

  20. i say embrace the wrinkles and just grow old gracefully. it’s what’s inside that counts anyway.

  21. Everyone, whether they are 14 or 41, has had a moment in the harsh day of light, about a skin imperfection. Embrace every wrinkle and every laugh line as proof of wonderful memories.

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