Isn’t This Taking Things A Little Too Far?


I want to fight germs as much as the next girl, but even to me, this seems a bit much.

Poor tree…


  1. Wow. That’s rediculous.

  2. Yeah, that’s too much. The only thing that should be on a tree like that is the bucket to remove the yummy stuff that turns into maple syrup. Whatever that’s called! LOL. 😉

  3. Yea…that seems a little obnoxious if you ask me.

  4. I suspect it’s for the portopotties?

  5. yeah..just a tad extreme 🙁

  6. lol is that at a sugar bush?

  7. That makes me very sad 🙁 B

  8. Agreed. Besides, there are times when we NEED to be exposed to germs. Good grief.

  9. Um.. were any trees hurt in the making of this display of hygiene?

  10. I’m all for washing your hands but this is carrying it to the extreme!

  11. PLEASE tell me you photoshopped this!!!

  12. Yeah, to mount it there is just all types of wrong.

  13. I suppose no one asked the tree if this was ok???
    Damn humans.

  14. Oh my….that is funny!

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