I’m Ready For A Headache Free Life

Here’s one thing you may not know about me.  I am a migraine sufferer.  I’ve always been a girl who had the occasional headache, but following the birth of my second child my body went haywire and I have suffered with grinding your life to a stop killer headaches on an almost weekly basis.  This my friends is not something I would even wish on the worst of my enemies.  (not that I have a lot of those!)  The pain is not something you can even begin to describe.  Unless you have been there, you just can’t know.  I’m quite blessed to have the most patient of men in my life who when he sees the pain coming, try’s to get me to a quiet place and force me to lie down for a few minutes.  The quiet, the forcing me to slow down (hard for a Mama on the go) and some super powerful drugs are the only things that can save my day, sometimes my week.  I’ve seen Doctors, had a copious number of tests, and been poked at by the best of neurologists.  Apparently I’m a very “interesting” case.  Interesting and headache, not something to strive for.  The very long story short.  I am stuck with these nasty little suckers.  My best line of defense, good drugs, a healthy lifestyle, oh and maybe a move to somewhere where the weather is the same every day.  Ideal locations as suggested by my Doctors; Hawaii, California or Arizona.  Oh if only! 

So this week I’m frustrated, tired of hurting and decided if I can’t pick up and move my Canadian butt to the States, at least I can dream of a vacation in one of those perfect places. 

Todays travel dream takes me to Arizona.

I’m thinking a nice girls weekend at the Miraval . Have you seen this place?  Do only the rich and famous stay here?  With a ridiculous amount of activities to choose from and a landscape that is awe inspiring, Miraval is going on the bucket list.

ArizonaMiravalEntrance ArizonaMiraval

Or maybe a nice romantic getaway with the Hubby at the Sedona Ridge Resort and Spa .  Checking out their rooms and list of amenities I’m sure I could convince the Hubby to run away with me and soak up some sun, relaxation and maybe even a glorious treatment or two (Couple Massages or Harmonious Healing grabbed my attention immediately !!).  All  of this beauty while avoiding any kind of drastic temperature changes.


So, what do you think??  Where would you run off to?

Only about 10 more years until we are empty nesters, it’s not too early to start working on that *must see travel list!


PS Pictures borrowed from mentioned sites.  This is not a sponsored post, just a girl dreaming about being headache free and escaping the suburbs!


  1. Oh I am truly enjoying your travel dream. I too was/am a migraine sufferer but since hitting menopause(can I say that on a family blog:)) I have very few I do still get some but I manage them with drugs:)
    I do have Fibromyagia and it would do great in the Arizona desert. Thanks for the tour and good luck you are young but someday you will know if I am right. B

  2. It is on my bucket list now too. gorgeous!

  3. Buttons!

    Thank you so much for this comment.

    You absolutely can say menopause on my blog! Believe it or not, I have had a specialist tell me my best hope (besides moving to a place with no drastic weather changes) is to just hang on until menopause. That menopause might just straighen out my hormones. You my friend have just given me hope that the “change of life: is truly something to be excited about! Perhaps it’s the answer to my migraine monster. Again, Thanks so much the comment!! Wishing you many migraine free days and weeks:)

  4. wow that is a beautiful place…been to arizona…i rather like texas if we are staying in the states…otherwise send me to europe…smiles.

  5. Arizona is hot, hot, hot! So is Florida where I live and we’re very humid! California is probably about perfect temperature wise and Hawaii is a dream I have!

    I used to have migraines a lot but haven’t in a long time. I’m hoping they were hormone related and it was menopause.

    Hoping your head feels better soon!

  6. Oh those headaches sound awful! I have lived in both AZ and now live in California- so I will vote for Hawaii 🙂

    I don’t think I would care too much where I am going– just would be so nice to get away just my husband and I for a little bit

  7. O dear blogger friend. How strange the world works. I just got back from a doctors appt at the neurologist and checked my fave blogs to find this post. I to suffer from migraines and have for the past 15 years. Recently I had an MRI because I’ve developed hearing loss in my left ear and they wanted to find the cause. Still haven’t found the cause, but did find flares on my brain…hence the neuro visit. They seem to think they are a result of migraines and are looking at putting me on topomax. I currently take Imitrex upon onset of a migraine but they are concerned what the migraines are doing to my noggin. So, mama, I feel your pain….I sympathize with you….they Suck!

    My vote? Hawaii…bring on the umbrella drinks.

  8. Oh, my friend, I’m sorry you’ve been suffering! Since moving to Hawaii is out of the cards for now, here’s hoping those drugs kick in soon.

  9. Sister, as a fellow life-long migraine sufferer, let me just say, I feel your pain!! I’ve had more nights than I can count where I’ve just prayed for the sweet release of death to end the pain. No joke. I hope you find some relief.

  10. I feel for you. I hardly even get headaches, but when I do, I let everyone around me know I have a brain tumor.
    I can’t imagine the pain….I hope you find relief soon.
    Since I lived in AZ for a few years, I can tell you first hand that it is a beautiful place to be!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that. Hoping ypu can have a get away soon.

  12. So sorry about your stuggle with migraines. ((HUGS)) I want to run away to London!

  13. Love your posts! Supporting a headache right now ~ off to bed… 🙁

  14. Looks beautiful! I say start saving and GO Go Go!

  15. You poor thing. I have heard Botox can work. ( in all seriousness)

  16. Looks like a great place to vacation.I would love to go to Hawaii

  17. I would love to travel around Europe, pretty much the entire continent.

  18. Migraines can be so terrible, my family member is afflicted with it. Arizona sounds like such a wonderful place to vacation – wish I can go there too!

  19. optometrist says:

    WOW! i just saw a paradise. Nice post thank you for sharing.

  20. i suffer from migraines so i can empathize (though not as bad as yours from what i briefly read). hopefully someone will find treatment in the future!

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