Goldfish, A Movie and A Twitter Party Too!

I am a Mama who is truly trying my best to live in the moment. Celebrate every little thing with my girls, and find joy in every day. Now I have to be honest, some days it is easier to do this than others. We all know it’s not always simple to find a special moment in a day! Last Wednesday was one of those days where I was able to grab the joy and hang on with both hands, it was anything but ordinary!

Following the rush of the after school chaos and a quick dinner I insisted my kids brush their teeth and hair in a hurry. We had somewhere to be and I was so excited I was almost shaking!! Why? I was hosting an exclusive event for Goldfish and we had to get moving! The event was a private screening of Finding Nemo 3D right here in my home town! More then 200 of my fabulous readers and friends had an invite to attend and I couldn’t wait to get there.

My little family arrived at the SilverCity Theatre an hour before screening time and were shocked, surprised and thrilled to see a crowd already gathering out front in anticipation of the big event. What a fantastic turnout!

Inside the cinema the Goldfish Pretzel snacks were all set up and ready for our guests to enjoy during the movie.

At the appointed hour we opened the doors! I stood at the entrance greeting excited families as they began to stream in, eager to grab a good seat, a drink, and of course check out the Goldfish! Many took the opportunity to strike a pose with Gilbert in front of this gorgeous sign.

(*cough Do you see a familiar blogs name on there??)

Once everyone was all settled in their seats I had the opportunity to welcome the enthusiastic crowd, draw some adorable door prizes, and send out a huge thank you to all of our guests. and of course Goldfish Pretzels, for making our night out at the movie possible.

As the lights turned down we dove into our snacks, sat back and enjoyed the show! Between the munching, the gasps and giggles, you just know the kids were having a fabulous time. A special movie night out on the town really is a wonderful way for families to create some #GoldfishMoments of their very own! All too quickly the movie drew to a close and the crowd broke out in robust applause! The lights came up and it was time to head home. Hearts and tummy’s full, it was a very sweet evening.

Thanks Goldfish!

Exciting News: The Goldfish Movie Event may be over but the fun isn’t! I’m so happy to be able to announce the date and time of an amazing #GoldfishMoments Twitter Party! Take a peek, it’s this Tuesday!

*Please be sure to enter your Twitter Handle “@yourTwitterhandle” in the Link/Blog Title field, and your Twitter URL “” in the Link Field* I hope you can make it! Come share your #GoldfishMoments with us!
Disclosure: I received a stipend from Campbell Canada, the makers of Goldfish crackers, for my participation. Campbell Canada has provided all prizes in relation to this feature and I am the administrator of the promotion.


  1. What a fun night out, you were so lucky to host such a fun event.

  2. You are the best looking family in North America. My family is a close 432nd.

  3. This sounds like so much fun!

  4. ha now that is really cool…and a great family picture as well…

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  6. My family had a wondeful time at the movie event and I really enjoyed the twitter party party last night 🙂

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