Cute vs. Rude



…thinking it was time to put the camera away and get in and play.

Faces covered to protect the not so innocent. 


  1. Hope you jumped right in:) B

  2. haha…intentional or unintentional…well maybe not answer that…smiles…yeah go play…smiles.

  3. Ha ha. cute shots.

  4. OMGosh. I have these exact same pictures. Men. 🙂

  5. Rude? yes, but it made me laugh!!!

  6. Funny! Cute for sure! Rude? Well, what if it’s an invitation!?!?!? Hah, hah,hah!!!!!

  7. Haha!

  8. You crack me up. 🙂

  9. Love it

  10. Too funny!!!

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