Shopping On Line? It Saved My Vacay

Running out of breath, running out of time.  Not getting through the ridiculous long to –do lists!  Always finding myself at the very bottom of each and every list.  Sigh.  Does this sound familiar?  This was the super crunch I found myself facing just five days before we were to take the long awaited and eagerly anticipated summer vacation.  Now when I say long awaited and anticipated I am not exaggerating.  My Hubby works summers.  We don’t “do” summer vacations.  This getaway was just about as special as it gets.  My sister and I had scrimped and saved, schemed and giggled, and managed to surprise my Dad with the ultimate in 70th Birthday gifts.  We twisted Hubbys arms, manipulated schedules with Mom and blocked off one solid week to go back to “The Lake”.  The lake where all my summer memories are, the lake I grew up on.  We rented a beautiful cottage for an entire week and nothing was going to stop us from attending and enjoying an entire week of family bliss.  Well, nothing except suddenly I realized I had nothing to wear and no time to pick anything up!!  Hey, I had a big hand in planning this soiree, I deserved a little something special didn’t I!!

SHOP.CA to the rescue!  Seriously!  Always open, huge selection, and super fast customer service.  (even when I played my blonde card and locked myself out of my precious Shop account by forgetting my password)

I sat down the Sunday night before we left and went Shopping!  What to buy?  What does a girl need to tackle cottage country? 

Here’s what I found!  An awesome sandal and shoe selection.  Everything from Michael Kors to TKEES, to Roxy to Ugg!  I finally settled on a pair of Toms.  I know I made the right choice because my 13 year old daughter is already trying to steal them. 

Books!  So man titles, so many books.  Honestly, the best way to search through the books.  Punch in the name of your fave authour.  Here is my beach/lake side read!

“Who Will Run The Frog Hospital?”


Of course I needed something warm and cuddly for the nights around the bon fire right?  Now originally I had this warm and fuzzy in the cart for Hubby, but quickly dumped his purchase and replaced it with the coral Hoody by THIA for me.  Bah, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I wanted my hands tucked in those pockets!


Finally!  A sweet and swingy little top for just well, everywhere!  Lots to choose from.   Dear Daughter is still trying to talk me into some more pretty tops for her.  With Billabong, 7 for All Mankind, Element, Rebecca Taylor and Fox as some of the labels available it’s no wonder she was doing her teen best to get in on the Shopping.

Prices were right on the money, or in many cases LESS then what I would pay in store.  Added everything to my cart and crossed my fingers that the shopping Gods would shine down on me and they would arrive before we left for the Cottage.  Oh and did I mention free shipping and no minimum order?  Beautiful.

FOUR days later my packages arrived!  Woo Hoo!  Check it! Volcom Top and Toms Shoes!


Turns out a busy Mama of two trying not to lose her mind while getting ready fro a vacation can squeeze in a little time for herself.  It’s hiding at SHOP.CA!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out SHOP.CA  What will you be Shopping for? 


Disclosure:  I am part of the SHOP.CA Super Shopper program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. You totally made that deck a runway! Work it, girl!

  2. Dude…you are looking hot!

  3. nice…digging the top, cool design…ahem, dumped hubbys purchase…i think i heard that one before…smiles.

  4. Love the ballet flat toms!! Good pick!

    Online shopping is a dangerous, dangerous thing for me! I almost feel like I’m not actually spending any money! LOL

  5. Love that outfit!!

  6. Seriously, quit being so damn cute.
    p.s I want that outfit and book.

  7. I love that you call it “The Lake”. “The Lake” that I grew up on, and still spend every weekend at, is owned by my grandparents. I so enjoyed your pictures and commentary or your time there. Please, keep ’em coming!

    I’m curious…did you fish? Little Murray wakes up each morning at the lake and shouts, “Let’s go fishing!” Myself? I prefer to snooze in the sun in the back of a boat. 🙂

  8. So I’ll be checking that shopping site out ASAP! I haven’t seen that style of Toms before…..important, are they comfortable? I don’t seem to ever find ballet flats that are truly comfortable.

    Have a great vaca!

  9. Were you a run way model Pre-kids? LOL. Beautiful outfit.

  10. @nancygrace ! The shoes are the BEST ballet flats I have ever tried on:)
    @C Pft You are too kind!

  11. Ooooh! Loooooove the outfit! 🙂

  12. loucheryl says:

    I just love! They have tons of great stuff on there.

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