It’s A Parking Horror Show


I am an awesome driver.  Brag much?  Hang on, confession coming!  However, I am NOT a fabulous “parker”.  So when I saw this parking “lot” in New York City I might have had heart palpitations and broken out in a cold sweat.  Are you freaking kidding me?  So your punishment for surviving a drive through the crazy streets of New York City and finding a much coveted parking spot is a horror lot like this??  You have to leave your baby with an attendant and trust that he won’t drop your car three floors down to it’s death as he manipulates the entire structure with his REMOTE?  Gasp.

No thanks.  I will stick to cabs. 


  1. Well at least you don’t try to park it in that thing right?

  2. I think you’re brave enough for even driving in NYC. I wouldn’t even dream of it.

  3. we saw one of those down near the high line…that is pretty crazy…call in advance if you need your car…ha…

  4. Wow baby that is scary:) B

  5. Oh I’m hearing you, I’m the worlds worst at parking, that contraption gives me cold shivers

  6. I always took the train to the City. Too scary for this Tuna.

  7. I missed that, that is hilarious!!!

  8. I agree, take a cab!

  9. That looks scary.
    I would allow my car to be elevated like that 🙁

  10. Yikes!!!!!! If they take away some of Central Park… They wouldnt have to build everything up like that. Lol

  11. kathy downey says:

    I wouldn’t even think of it,complete madnessss

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