Did You Know Dragonfly’s Can Grin?

I will just go ahead and apologise now.  For the next couple of weeks I might just drive you all a bit crazy with my “This one time at the cottage…” stories.  I will try and throw in a little of the usual snark and sass so you don’t get too bored and leave me forever!

So this one time at the cottage, we were sitting in our giant Muskoka chairs, just watching the day go by.  I was counting my blessings that I had been given an entire week to slow down enough to actually here the end of every story my SweetGirl told, and still had time to sit, time to breath. 


A week in cottage country without a television, telephone or access to the internet also gives you the opportunity to get out your camera and capture the smiles on your babies faces….


and the grins of the Dragonfly’s! 


Spooky!! Who knew bugs had faces that could grin!! HA.

Somehow you know you are in a happy place when even the bugs are smiling.


  1. ha…i like your dragonfly…and great pic of the fam as well….time away is a beautiful thing…

  2. super cute dragonfly!
    and wow does your older daughter look soooo much like you!! <3

  3. Your babies are gorgeous!!! And what a great picture of the dragonfly…..it’s mating season isn’t it? Could be the reason for the big grin! 🙂

  4. Such nice photos! Your kids are just adorable! Well, the dragonfly…not. But awesome shot, I must say!

  5. Great shots. Your girls is beauties. Love the dragonfly shot too.

  6. We saw a dragonfly on vacation this summer that refused to fly away. We all touched it and everything.

  7. Wow! What a face – I had no idea.

    Who’s the baby? You have kinda grown-up kids … right? If you have a baby too, then I’m way clueless.

  8. Very cute! The dragonflies in our area are not as friendly as those. I like your type better!

  9. Love the pictures! The kids are beautiful!

  10. Love seeing your sweet girls….and yes that dragonfly is quite comical. I love him too!
    Bring on the stories….I love seeing the photos of the cottage I am going to move to one day!

  11. You had me up till the park where you mentioned bugs…:) Your kids are gor.geous!

  12. Whose baby?
    The dragonfly picture is amazing!

  13. Great pictures! Bet you had a blast!

  14. Great pictures Stephanie – I’ve never seen a dragonfly that close!

  15. Stephanie, the girls look so lovey and so grown up from when I first met them. You vacation sounds great!

  16. What a beautiful family you have there! And trust me, I’ll live vicariously through your one-time-at-the-cottage stories. LOL

    I desperately need a vacation somewhere unplugged!

    That’s quite a vivid dragonfly, too! Oh boy do I miss the woods o.O

  17. I love the picture of the dragonfly. Incredible!

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