People I Can Live Without

I don’t know if after 40 your patience just starts wearing thin, or if people are just getting RUDER, but truly, here are some people I could truly live without:

* That guy who literally pushed his way into my house last month insisting he needed to see my hot water heater.  I felt like I was on a very bad hidden camera show.  He would not take no for an answer and yes I did a truly little girl thing,  I called to my Hero Hubby for help.  Either this was the pushiest sales guy ever, or the Big Bad Hubby scared a serial killer away from my front door.  Therefor number one on my gripe list today; pushy door to door salespeople (or serial killers).

* The extremely rude people who park in the clearly marked handicapped spots.  Now I’m not talking about the “hey maybe there is something going on there we just can’t see” sort of parker, I’m talking about the carload of teens skipping out in their daisy dukes and running into the grocery store to get burgers and chips for the BBQ type.  You know who they are.  Times like that I wish average citizens could issue tickets!  My dirty looks and passive aggressive comments just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

*Question?  When you walk into the mall, the coffee shop, the post office do you pause a moment and hold the door for the person behind you?  If the answer is YES then you are not on my list.  However, if you just let that door swing shut as if there isn’t another person in the world more important than you…shame on you!  Take a moment, make a day, share a smile and hold the door open.  Please.

*If you are reading this, 50/50 chance you are a Blogger who has received what appears to be a fabulous pitches from a PR company but then at the very bottom in tiny print, this:   “For product samples, high-res images, or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, please contact…”  Do you know what this most often translates to?  Let me help you out.  It means “I have no intention of valuing your hard work, but please value my spammy press release and give it tonnes of attention on the blog, Facebook and twitter accounts that you have worked so hard to nurture and establish.  I will give you absolutely nothing in return.”   Dear PR Company, my time is valuable.  Dear Fellow Bloggers, please do not work for free. 

End of Rant.

Feel free to add your own complaints, it’s cheaper then therapy.


  1. yikes on serial killer sales people…glad hubby came to the rescue….i try on the door thing and feel bad when i dont see the person coming…

  2. Oh the scary hot water killer/ salesman has me thinking yeah for Hero’s
    I truly hate people who are waiting on you at a counter taking your money and giving you change. Stupid I know but it bugs me. Or the waitress after serving you food goes behind the counter and is texting and all you want is a glass of water/ just one glass:) B 🙂 B

  3. Ok that comment above made no sense the counter person was on the phone and just taking my money no thank you just a nod. Rude. B

  4. Man when I read about pushy people trying to get into your house I’m so glad that we have 3 big dogs (it’s the only time I’m glad about them).
    Glad your hubby was there to save you.

    Don’t get me started on rude people! Honestly it seems that good manners have totally disappeared. Everywhere everyone is looking out for nobody other than themselves. See I told you not to get me started….

  5. I could rant all day about this topic! One of my biggest pet peeves (right now) is the rude people on the road. You know who you are – you refuse to use your turn signals, you refuse to let someone in, you tailgate, you use rude gestures, you….

    See? I told you I could do this all day! 😉

  6. I’ve been burned by PR groups too, jerks. Now I just blog for me and my homies. =) HAHA…yes I’m over 30 and said homies.

  7. I’m amazed at how rude people can be, bad karma;-)

  8. 1) serial killer? you have me worried Steph. Leave a bat by the door.
    2) Ditto – wish my dirty looks could inflict pain, I tell ya. Huge peeve of mine too
    3) I once got a door shut on my while trying to tackle my toddler and new born twins in hands. One word = asshats
    4) Preach! So sick of being spammed!

    Thanks for the great smile over my morning coffee!!

  9. -People who like to set all the rules but don’t think they need to follow them.

    -People who tear others apart publicly on Facebook but think they’re innocent because no actual names were mentioned. Yeah, like I’m too stupid to figure out who you’re talking about!

    -People who use legitimate handicapped parking stickers that aren’t registered to them. When I called out a friend of mine for using her father’s sticker, she said, “I have four kids; do I look normal to you?”

  10. Those heater guys! Ah! They keep showing up at more door, I have a big barking dog so thT keeps them from pushing their way in and I know yell at them to leave our neighbour hood, it’s a scam! We own our heater.

    Sorry but they really get my blood boiling as they are targeting seniors to take advantage of,

  11. Yes! Sponge Bob!

  12. OH my word! I am no fan of conflict and that pushy sales person would’ve gotten my hakcles up! The nerve of some people. That happened to me once and now I just don’t answer the door.

  13. I had a pushy magazine sales guy come to the door once and when I said no politely, he got really ugly…I just sweetly said I thought I’d give the local police a call. I don’t like anyone selling anything coming to my house or calling on my phone. If I want to buy something, I’ll find it on my own. I’ve always lived in the south and thankfully haven’t really been exposed to a lot of rudeness, but when I am, I find it intolerable! And I always make sure I hold the door for the next person :))

  14. Oh boy do I recognize those pitches and delete them! They’re getting paid, so why they think other people wouldn’t want to is beyond me!

    I hate door slammer-in-front-of-others people!

  15. My turn to add…
    Men on motorized bicycles (not a mopad kind of thing) but a bicycle with a motor, that think they do not have to stop at stop signs, or follow the road safety rules especially while riding around a park full of children!

  16. Yes, I most definitely do hold doors and the only emails I get from PR companies are those that you have mentioned!! One self indulgent annoyance that really got my goat was being heavily pregnant in a waiting room and being made to stand while either a) parents let their 5 year olds sit down and enjoy the chair I am aching for or b) Teen girls sat and looked at me with their teen disdain and took up that chair that again, my body is aching all over for. Where are your manners girly’s, Id be berating you if you were mine.

  17. Rant on, girlfriend! I see nothing but absolute truth and wisdom in all of your points 🙂

  18. I think people are just getting ruder. Everybody is in too much of a hurry. I like this post!

  19. AMEN!!!

  20. Oh!! The one qbout holding the door ticks le of. The PR emalis that sound as you.describe them so well.

  21. If I were to start a list, mine would be a mile long! Definitely with you on #3. On the flip side, though, I once held the door open for a mom+child behind me. They just waltzed through as if I were there specifically to hold the door open for them. No thank you nor even a simple nod of acknowledgement. Sometimes I wonder which planet they come from.

  22. On the sales people, this is why we have a gate. 🙂 Same goes for the church people trying to recruit my family.

    How about the people who park their shopping carts in the middle of the freakin’ aisle? Hello? Was it only YOUR day to shop today…..cause I didn’t get the memo.

  23. Do not even get me started on the people I can live without. All of yours would be on my list plus a whole bunch more.

  24. This is so funny! I love your “little” rant. thank you for writing it down so we all can feel the same, but just can not put it all to words!

  25. I love my intercom. 🙂 And the side view windows are good, too.

    I’m with you on all of it. I’m functioning without food at the moment, so the brain is not coming up with anything to add, however, I’m sure I have a list too.

    I haven’t delved into the business side of blogging, but busines is business and yes, you should not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

  26. The worst is when someone lets the door nearly squash my 3 year old! Smooth pisses me off. They see us approaching and sometimes my arm just isn’t quite long enough to grab the door at the right moment. I don’t like her trailing behind me so I usually herd her infront of me through the doorway. People can be SO rude!

  27. I’m not quite 40 yet (although getting there quickly) and I already have a list of rants a mile long. I now understand cranky old people really well.

  28. WHAAAT i would’ve freaked out at mr. insane water heater guy. lol have a great weekend 🙂 following you!

  29. Okay, the guy who pushed his way in? Totally creepy!

    Agree 100% on the handicap parking people and those who just don’t hold open doors. Seriously, it takes, what – 1 minute of your time or less to hold the door for the next person…

  30. Oh that sales person would creep me out and make me so mad! That is just all kinds of wrong and did he really think that approach would work?? Wow

  31. That was kinda scary with that guy. How rude or sick of him. I always hold the door for the next person 🙂

  32. I always hold the door… but not many people seem to these days.

  33. Yikes..just barged right in? Yeah, I would have called 911 (wait, is that different in Canada?)

    And, holy I’m over it PR pitches…I emailed a company back that pitched me asking if I could do a review. they said “no, but we’ll send you high res images” of TOYS…for my kids.

    Yeah, they’ll love playing with those.

    Oh, and another told me her “return on investment” was zero if she did a sponsored post..where’s my RIV?

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