My BFF Gone BadA$$?

…and I miss her like crazy.

Do you think it’s possible that girl friend relationships are a little bit like marriages?  I do.  Think about it.  Throughout your life you seek out girlfriends who you have things in common with, who see things the way you do, and hold the same values as you.  You strive to make friends with good people, friends you know will have your back. You seek people you can trust, make you laugh, help you see yourself in the very best way.  Without being way too sappy, who make you a better person? You nurture these relationships as you would your marriage;  give them your love, your time, your attention.  If you are lucky, you find a few true friends throughout your lifetime.  Life isn’t as sweet without them.

I am not a girl who makes friends easily, once burned twice shy definitely applies, and at this point in my life I guess I’m a little self involved.  My children and Hubby come first.  Always.  I know it’s wrong but I even put myself way down the list of priorities.  So when my BFF popped into town for a visit I was thrilled to be able to steal a couple of hours, grab a hot coffee in a cozy coffee shop and just play catch up. 

Jumping right back into the swing of things like we see each other every day, not twice a year, we can talk without fear of judgement, tear up and keep going, and part ways knowing “See you soon” is a big fat lie but there is nothing we can do about it. 

My big reveals in our power catch up session…this blog!  (you know it’s been a big fat secret right??)  Hers.  She’s gone to the “dark side” and gotten a tattoo.  It’s official, she is now way too cool for me. 


Ha, she is so stinkin cute.  How I wish she lived closer! 

My heart aches a little as I’m starting to think you only get one or two BFFs in a lifetime, and yet I am so thankful for each unique, beautiful, strong and intelligent women who I am blessed to call friends.  There really is nothing quite as powerful.  I hope both my girls are blessed with dozens of such friends.  Dozens.

Miss you always girl and can’t wait until next time….

Cheers to friendships.  Sometimes they are the things that get you through.



  1. That is so sweet!!! Girlfriend time is wonderful! I find that the older I get the more I cherish them! Xoxo
    So, when are you getting inked up?

  2. I have a girlfriend like that too. We rarely see each other but when we do it is like we haven’t been apart.

  3. I completely agree with you. My BFF lives in Minnesota and I in Ohio. We both have husbands and 2 kids each, so it’s hard to make time for each other. But, we talk nearly every day. I feel so lucky to have found her…your post is making me miss her like crazy. So glad you got to spend some time with your BFF!

  4. Wow your girlfriend has an awesome tattoo she is probably really cool I can see how you would miss her and I am sure she misses you too.
    I have a friend like that. B

  5. special friends are def hard to find…cling to them when you find them…and that is a cool tat!

  6. I have 2 of those really close friends and they mean the world to me.

  7. i could use a BFF too, I’m not good at making friends anymore. well friends I guess, but not BFF’s like I used to have. ahhh the good old days

  8. I traded in friends when I became a parent. Maybe someday I’ll rediscover what others cherish.

  9. There really is nothing more special than our girlfriends. I am so grateful for mine, they are my lifeline and sanity.

  10. The best kind of friends are the ones you may not see for a year at a time and you pick up right where you left off!

  11. When you don’t see each other a lot, you truly do appreciate those times you do have together. Her tat is pretty cool!

  12. I only get to see my close friends in NY once every 2 years. Ugh! Not enough!

  13. Sorry to hear you are missing your BFF. What a great tattoo!!!

  14. Those kind of friendships are the best and it is like you have not missed beat when you see each other- so glad you were able to spend some tie together! It is important! 🙂

  15. Gosh! You know I love your posts, right? This one hits close to home, as my BFF lives 11 hours away by car 🙁 You’re so right about friendships and BFFs too.

    Love this post, lady! xo

  16. I’ve been lucky enough to have three BFF….and I miss them so. Life isn’t as fun without them.

  17. My children and Hubby come first. Always. I know it’s wrong but I even put myself way down the list of priorities.
    So not wrong! Well, maybe you could move yourself up the list, lol, but so not wrong!
    And this is one girlfriend who is grateful for a little piece of whatever time you have left over. 🙂

  18. It’s good to hear someone else say that you only find a few good friends in a lifetime. Sometimes I feel like I don’t make friends as easily as others…but maybe it’s because I am looking for good friends and not casual buddies. I’m glad you got to see your friend…and you could always get a tattoo to be cool! 😉

  19. Since we move so often, I can totally relate to this feeling. I have friends in all my former cities that I can call or see and it seems as though it was only yesterday we were together. There are many that I have moved away from over the years but it’s so awesome to have the real friends forever!!

  20. It is hard to come by great friends.It is great to have been able to pick up where you left off

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