Don’t Be A Faker. On Twitter

BlogHer is upon us.  Less then four weeks people!  

Here is my first tip for the newbies out there.  (You know, since I’ve been a grand total of  once so clearly I know what I’m talking about)  You know that picture you have of yourself up on twitter?  The one where you look all glamorous and put together, no shine on your nose, not a hair out of place, no detectable wrinkles?  Yah, you know the one. I get it, we all try and put our best face forward when we are tweeting to the world right?  Well that’s fine and dandy BUT if that picture of you was taken in say 1993 and your hair at that point was more blonde then grey, or you were say 50 pounds lighter?  It might be time to consider putting up a picture of your true self.  Now I’m not saying roll out of bed with no make-up on and snap a shot of you at your least attractive.  I’m just saying enough with the lying!  I can’t tell you how many people last year said to me “You look so much like your twitter picture”  To which I had two reactions.  Is that a bad thing? and Duh, aren’t you supposed to?  Might as well leave that stupid egg up there if you are going to lie about who you are.

So you want people to say hello, give you a big hug, or just know who the hell you are?  Then dig into those photo archives, pick something slightly between this…


and this…


…but that speaks the truth!  Trust me, most bloggers don’t really give a crap what you look like anyway!  They just want to meet the face behind the voice.

Oh and if you see me there, c’mon over and say Hello!  I can’t wait to meet you!

Mwah xoxo


  1. Ha! Such a great post! I love it when I can actually recognize people! I’m not headed to BlogHer, but you have fun!

  2. very cool…jealous a bit…would be very cool to get to meet a bunch of the faces behind those voices for sure…smiles.

  3. Well said Stephanie. Though being an anonymous blogger, I can hide my appearance in the readers’ imaginations.

  4. Ha! You are so funny…and cute. I kinda like your silly face; you know, I can relate to that girl!!!! 🙂

  5. I’m amazed sometimes at how different from Twitter pics and even Facebook pics people are. I understand we all want to look better than we actually do look, but still…we don’t want people to be in complete shock when they see the reality!

    But you’re every bit as adorable in person as you are in a photo. I know since I met you. I want to spend a little more time together this year though!

  6. Have fun in NYC!!

  7. lol I had to come look because I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad pic of you! lol

  8. With my first ever Twitter pic, I had many people tell me it didn’t look like me once they met me in person. I was a bit taken aback since I had no clue it put me under a different light. But in the picture, I was wearing makeup, which is a rarity. My current pic was taken one day after work, sans maquillage as is customary, and I still got compliments. I agree with you, Steph. It’s easier to recognize a Twitter friend for the first time when there’s a real pic of them as their avatar. Not a body part, not her adorable child. But the real person.

  9. Great post, Steph. When I attended my very 1st conference, the first thing the first blogger I met said to me was, “You look exactly like your pic!” I assumed that was a good thing since that was what I was aiming for. :p but I totally get it — there are some folks that prefer to put there “best face” forward even if it’s not the most recent shot.
    At the same time, you want to make sure you are truly seeing the real face behind the voice.
    It really doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

  10. yeah whatever, that first pic is TOTALLY you! :p

  11. ack those pics don’t do you justice you hawt Mama xxx

  12. I dont think you could take a bad picture if you tried. Maybe some day I will go.

  13. It sounds like fun, when I lose 25 pounds, I’ll consider attending one…lol.

  14. In my pic, my head is back laughing… so i hope people recognize my teeth this year.
    I’ll be so happy to not be pregnant this time around, I’m sure I’ll be cackling happily most of the time anyway…
    um, while drinking…

  15. LOL! Have a great time.

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO not the “real” picture!!

  17. Mine was taken on a party night – but it’s definitely me! Just me-with-a-little-makeup.

  18. I skipped the profile pic and just posted my blog logo. Have a great time at BlogHer! I hope to go someday.

  19. Charlie T. says:

    I think I prefer the first photo anyway!

  20. Stephanie, I’ll be there and definitely want to meet you!

    But I look nothing like my twitter picture – much heavier and more wrinkles. I kept it because I was advised to have branding and keep all social media the same as my faker blog picture. 😉

    So I’ll come find you since I can recognize you.

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