Child Friendly Cities To Live In

Today I bring to you a special guest post.  Please take a peek and discover some popular child friendly cities near you.

Everyone thinks the grass is greener elsewhere. It’s a given that most moms regularly wish they could transplant themselves out of their current residence, to a place where children could roam free without fear of harm, somewhere the whole city experience wasn’t so intimidating. Some place where the live/work balance wasn’t loaded so inexorably against enjoying family life.

Well ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way. Cities exist in the USA where children live full, happy lives, unencumbered by the stresses of other less nurturing Metropolises.

It’s time to fill the packing crates, place the furniture in self storage and get moving. Everybody will have different criteria to apply to the search for somewhere to settle, but Parenting Magazine has vetted the following destinations and recommends them as great places to raise children.

What should we look out for?

All parents want their children to receive a good education, be safe in their environment and have space to play. The following cities were selected for their good performance in areas of crime (relatively low), affordable housing, job availability and open spaces.

Where shall we move?

Des Moines, Iowa

Families and young professionals rate this city highly as it provides a plentiful supply of jobs and has a good health and education infrastructure. Add to that affordable housing, and there’s a pretty impressive package shaping up.

Minneapolis/ St Paul, Minnesota

Great for taking the children out on hikes and outdoor activities. With the many lakes and acres of parkland, there is ample space for stretching the legs and taking in the fresh air. Officially recognized as Bike Friendly by the League of American Bicyclists; culture, sports and education get good reports too.

Boston, Massachusetts

Education is a serious matter in Boston and this is reflected in the good schools. Home to a leading children’s hospital and a diverse mix of cultural treats, Boston is right up there. If smaller town life appeals, nearby Milton, twelve miles from Boston, has been winning votes for the second best town in which to live in the US.

Austin, Texas

Laid back Austin with its great climate, rich music and arts scene, wonderful health system and buoyant job market makes a great place to raise a family and is a perennially popular child-friendly city. With all that beautiful Texan landscape on the doorstep, weekends will forever be filled with hiking and camping expeditions and other brilliant child-friendly activities.

Washington, DC

With a superb education system, plenty of open space and a vibrant cultural scene, this city offers a stimulating environment in which to raise children. If it’s good enough for the president…

So, that’s five child-friendly cities worth consideration. Don’t make any decisions before carrying out deep research. Investigate different neighbourhoods for their suitability. Do they have good children’s facilities? Are there mother and baby clubs? Check out the libraries and similar local community services to get a feel for what is going on. The Internet is a useful tool when it comes to research, and visiting relevant local forums can reap dividends. Soon a picture will build up of a place where the grass may indeed be greener, and a further investigative visit may be in order. Bon voyage!

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  1. Shirley Turner says:

    If you really try you can make where you live easier to take. Make time for the family, take little weekend side trips. Have picnics. There are a lot of family things that dont take a lot of time or money.

  2. I think Minneapolis has been a great city to live in for as long as I’ve been seeing lists. I need to get there for a visit and see why!

  3. Melissa Moore says:

    Minneapolis is super deserving on this list. I spent a few weeks there in June and was really impressed with how family oriented it is. Awesome city!

  4. Minneapolis is a GREAT place to live! Especially with kids. We lived there for two years and actually would love to move back if given the opportunity. We lived in a suburb….great walking/bike paths, lakes, family activities….if you get the opportunity….take it. Only down fall? It’s COLD! But I suppose you get used to it.

  5. DC would def be really cool…we go there a couple times a year…have not been to the others so i cant judge but…very cool

  6. I’m glad to here that Minneapolis made the list. It’s tamer compared to here in Cali.

  7. I live right near Boston so I feel good knowing this!
    Amanda S

  8. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I have lived all over the US but never in one of these cities! I would love to live in Boston!

  9. And London! Of course I don’t live there, but …

  10. Washington DC is great for kids of ALL ages!

  11. seems like amyplace good is rare these days

  12. I lived in Austin, TX as a child and loved living there. There are so many things for kids and families. I have great childhood memories there

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