5 Things Bringing Me Joy

As I sit in my backyard reflecting on how incredibly lucky I am, I’m almost afraid.  My heart starts to pound.  You know that feeling that all the stars are aligning, that things might be too perfect and if you stop to acknowledge that fact, the other shoe might just drop? 

I feel the need to quickly write down just five things that are bringing me joy this summer.  Five things that I know I can hang onto and never forget from this summer.  The summer of the crazy heat in 2012. 

Forever and always, the best sound a Mother can hear is the sound of their children laughing until they almost cry.  My girls, their giggles as they conspire against me, trying to figure out how to talk me into a popsicle (that frankly I am dying to have too) is a sound I treasure and vow to never forget. 

The countless hours we have already spent in the pool.  This 35C degree weather is not a problem for me! 

The joy of a day at the beach.  Splashing in the water, building sandcastles, reading books and taking long walks.  No cell phones or computers allowed.  Forgetting that everyone beyond our stretch of pristine sand even exists.

Entire days with no schedule at all.  When our biggest decision of the day is which park to bike to, and what to have for dinner.

The excitement of  the big plans still to come!  New York City for BlogHer next week, and later a cottage for a week up north at the end of the summer with my entire extended family. (both will be Blog Worthy!)

2012 is the summer of spontaneous parties, cold drinks, warm pools, long lazy beach days and fun filled starry nights.  It is a summer that’s only half way done and still so ripe with possibilities.  It is the summer where I will try to remember and be thankful for every little joy. 


  1. I love summer and all it brings. You sound like you are having a great summer too.

  2. It’s the lack of an outdoor free pool that keeps it from feeling like summer for me. I grew up going to the public pool nearby and I miss it so much with my kids. Here it’s indoors, not open all the time, and you have to pay.

  3. nice…we are currently on vacation…and experiencing a lot of joy…but i like the thought of capturing them each day…the little things…

  4. Oh I can see your smiling face now. Enjoy! B

  5. Aside from the trip for BlogHer (although ironically, I’ll be in the genral vicinity :-)) our summer joy lists are very similar!

  6. I do know the feeling. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    It a great list of happiness. Have a great time at BlogHer and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  7. I get that way too often, I need to remember to be still and enjoy the moment. XO

  8. Sounds like Heaven! 🙂 Glad to hear your summer has been so wonderful so far!

  9. I also get those ‘so darn lucky’ palpitations!
    I’m so glad you are enjoying your summer and you still have more to look forward to!

  10. I love days with no schedule…days when I don’t really comb my hair or put on “going out” clothes!

  11. If one more shoe drops around here we can be classified as a millipede! But yes, I’m still trying to find the joy in every day; because I’d like to think that no matter what is going on there is always a little bit of joy too.

    So glad to hear that you are having a great summer! Sooooo wish I was going to BlogHer just so I could meet you.

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  13. OH how I love your view of Summer. How I remember and cherish the summers spent with the Kids when they were little. I still love summer – heck I love summer so much I moved to where it’s summer all year long and I can walk to the beach from home every day! So Happy for your happiness. So proud of you for relishing the true and pure joy of your girls. KUDOS and thanks for visiting me again!

  14. Love, love, love that last paragraph. And I totally agree with it- it’s exactly how our summer’s been too!

  15. Sounds like a perfect summer x

  16. I enjoyed stopping by your blog! It is wonderful to stop and give thanks for joyful moments! I started a blog http://www.sharingthanks.blogspot.com where I post four things I am thankful for. I live in New York and am debating on going to the BlogHer Conference for a day. Sounds like you have been before. Any workshops you would recommend?

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