Wordless Wednesday ~ Missing The Palm Trees

It’s almost 40 degrees here is South Western Ontario and instead of wilting like the delicate flower I am. (ha-ha) What do I find myself doing?  Missing all things palm tree…


Oh wait, maybe it’s not so much the magnificence of the palm trees that are simply everywhere in Florida, as the amazing little creatures you can find inside them!


Family time, Florida Sunshine and Palm trees!  Can’t wait to go back. 


  1. You and me both baby!
    Let’s buy a ticket ‘to palm trees’, lol
    *sigh* now I’m dreaming of vacay….

  2. Sorry not with you on this one. I hate heat.

  3. i sooooo miss my palm trees from when i lived in FL

  4. We all need them dont we

  5. We leave Friday!

  6. Love Florida

  7. I’d trade our warm weather for a bit of your cooler one!

  8. Oh, if only! 🙂 Love them too!

  9. Well this time of year the humidity in Florida is horrible.
    Cute pictures.

  10. I’ll not complain to you how hot and sticky it is here now….cause I don’t want your 40* either!
    I wish I could send you a few palm trees for your little palm bunnies. 🙂

  11. Are you in celcius or farenheight? I get so confused!! In any case, Im dying for summer to come back, winter is the pits.

  12. Wow, your temps are our dead of winter!

  13. Palm trees are the best! Hope you get back to them soon!

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