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I’ve said it many times before; under my breath, to my girlfriends, to my Husband and yes even to my two Daughters.  It’s hard to be a girl.   I think young girls, perhaps more then most, feel a lot of pressure from Parents, school, Coaches and especially friends to fit in, be beautiful, be smart, talented, funny, collected, polite, perfect?  (Just to name a few)  Who do these girls have to look up to?  Who are their role models and who are they emulating?  A strong sense of self, a rock solid sense of self esteem, a great role model can make a big difference in the life of a girl.  It is because of this that I am going to make a two hour drive with my girls in tow to Dove’s upcoming event Women Who Should Be Famous.  Strong Female Role Models Build Strong Self Esteem. 

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Here are some enlightening facts: 

  • when girls feel bad about their looks, nearly half of girls (47 percent)* disconnect from life and avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school or even giving their opinions
  • “Second to Mom, 32 per cent of Canadian girls cite celebrities, such as Hollywood starlets, as their top role models. At Dove, we believe that there is a need to shift the spotlight and identify other inspirational women who have a positive relationship with beauty to positively shape the self-esteem of Canadian girls,” said Sharon MacLeod, vice-president of marketing, Dove Canada.

I personally want to do everything I can to make sure my daughters are surrounded and supported by positive role models. 

Good News!  Dove would like to “invite all Canadian moms and mentors along with an important girl in their life to join us on June 26th to participate in the Women Who Should be Famous program and be inspired by the remarkable stories of real women role models.”

On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 7pm EST at www.facebook.com/dove Canadians with a Facebook account and access to a computer can register on Dove’s page and participate in this free event with a girl in their life. During the hour-long event actress, song-writer and singer, Mandy Moore will illuminate the stories of four inspirational women in the fields of science, leadership, environmentalism and the arts. The goal – to shine the spotlight on the stories of strong role models for the next generation of women.

Do you live near Toronto Ontario?

I have also been afforded the opportunity to extend an invitation to TEN other Moms’ in the Toronto area to attend the live event and bring that special girl in their life.  Does this Dove event speak to you like it did to me?  Are the issues of self esteem, role models and empowering our young people something you speak to your daughter about?  If so just leave me a comment telling me so and that you would love to attend.  I will  select up to ten people to meet me at this fabulous two hour event with Mandy Moore.

Thanks and hugs to our girls!


  1. My sweet girls would both love this!! Thanks for the contest. My eldest could benefit a lot.



  2. I always talk to my kids about self esteem. It is such a gray tool to have and essential. I love the dove campaigns empowering our girls. So important!

  3. What a great event, good luck to the entries!

  4. Stephanie: you know I just love your girls…I have two daughters and I know it would be hard to pick which one to take so maybe if I win, I could take them both??? (a girl can ask right?).

    We had some self-esteem issues with my second daughter when she was in grades 3 & 4 and a teacher saw it a mile away. With support from the teacher and the school, she has turned out into an outstanding 13 year old. I wonder very much what high school is going to be like for her…

    Great program to get involved with…Kudos to you!

  5. I would love to join you and bring my daughter to such an event as this year she got a back brace and is having a lot of trouble feeling pretty or fitting in. This would show her she is beautiful no matter what. We tell her that everyday but sometimes when others outside the home say the same thing it has more impact.

  6. I think that you should choose my girlfriend Leora to attend this event. She brings wonderful joy to everyone whose life she touches. This event will help her appreciate the difference that she makes, and she will bring dignity and quiet strength to this unique event.

  7. that sounds like a pretty cool program…and good on them for inveting back into those that are investing into kids…

  8. I would love to take my daughter to this event…it is a subject dear to my heart

  9. This is such a great initiative by Dove, would love to join in and take my 13 yr old – would be so wonderful for her to be a part of it!

  10. That’s awesome. I’m 27 and still have low self esteem!

  11. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve read your blog for the longest time and really enjoy it! This event sounds wonderful and exactly what I would love to bring my niece to. She is 11 and would really benefit from this. She recently had her parents separate and has been spending more and more time with us since which has been a real eye opener for me on how things have changed since I was her age. Twenty years makes a big difference! It’s a pretty sad story as her mother basically left and she has very few positive female role models in her life right now. In addition, she came over to my place and we were chatting about what she wanted to do when she gets older and she said she wanted to be a “celebrity”… so when I ask “doing what?” her response was an actress like Kim Kardashian or Kendra or someone! I did LOL at the time (as I do like my dose of reality TV as much as the next mommy in the burbs!) but on reflection its a bit scary that this is who she is looking up to!

    I just had my first daughter a few months ago and I’m already nervous about the way the world is going to be when she is an impressionable tween / teen!

    Anyway we’re in TO and would love if you choose us to attend!

    And thanks for such an entertaining blog!

  12. Liz!
    Hoping you come back to the blog and read this post again. OI’m trying to get in touch with you but don’t have an e-mail address. Please get in touch with me at modernmom at rocketmail.com

  13. Stephanie, what a great sounding event and perfect for young girls to have the opportunity to listen to positive role models!

    I’d love to go!



  14. Thanks for offering such an incredible opportunity Stephanie! My cousin and her daughter would equally benefit from such an incredible event…. They both have “Kardashian Syndrome” and unfortunately my cousin’s consistently low self esteem seems to have rubbed off on her ten year-old daughter. Their bodies are never the right size… I’ve grown so concerned about my younger cousin’s views on how she should look and have heard her mention on many occasions that when she grows up she really wants her legs to be “tall and skinny”. I know they both could use the inspiration and insight to guide them towards greater self confidence and self worth…and being able to attempt the journey together would be the most important opportunity of all. I know it would be monumental if you were able to have them attend with you!

  15. one of my fav Brand..:-)
    Thanks for sharing..

  16. Helen Filipe says:

    What a great empowering event for young girls and women. Would love to take my 12 year old daughter to Toronto event. Every young girl should be surrounded by positive, strong, female role models. The best gift we can give to young women is to inspire them to be proud, confident and believe in themselves!!!
    Thank you!

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