Wasting Time and Designer Dreams!

It’s very late on a Wednesday night and there are truly about 45 things I should be doing.  I mean if I’m not going to sleep I could tackle the mundane house work like I ever do that, there is that dentist and eye appointment to make, end of year Teacher gifts to figure out, Father’s Day plans to be made, or perhaps even some writing?  But what am I doing, wasting away the hours with some virtual shopping and dreaming about clothes I simply can’t afford.

Harmless fun or a new addiction?
What do you think, good for a weekend getaway or maybe even that upcoming trip to New York City?  Oh YES please!


Please tell me, how do you waste away the hours?  I need new ways to avoid my “to do” list!


  1. I could totally see you in that. So cute! But girl, that heel height….

  2. Wasting time.. reading, blogging, pinteresting… I’m an expert! Great outfit, BTW!

  3. Oh Liz, I’m already 5 9″, what’s another 5 inches 🙂

  4. Pinterest is my new way of wasting time! I could spend hours creating what I would like my life to look like.

  5. I am loving those shoes!! What a color!! Now you have me thinking of ways to avoid my own to do list 🙂

    Have a great day!

  6. If I could dress like that I would.
    Go for it!
    How do I avoid the things that need to be done, that’s easy,
    1.start blogging 3 years ago
    2.have a few blogs
    3.then add Facebook+
    and I’m good for 8 hours! Sadly my house is showing my loss after 3 years of neglect!

  7. I wish I could wear those shoes! And the bag? Swoon.
    Blogging….it really is my time suck. My life has slowed down so much since I started that….oh, the things I used to get done!

  8. I read. I read often and in large quantity!

  9. Wasting time? Me? That would be blogging. Sigh. And I totally love the heels, I just can’t walk in them, or can I? I might just have to try…

  10. I sleep. Seriously – highlight of my day. I’m just too much fun to handle.

  11. Um pretty much to same way as your do, looking at clothing and accesories Ill never afford!

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