Top Of The World

Well, it felt like that anyway.  I took my girls for a day of adventure yesterday.  A long drive to the big city of Toronto, I only got lost once.  An exercise in patience as we attempted to find parking for my giant SUV, and ultimately this….


…the view from the top of the CN Tower.  We are standing on the glass floor looking down over the city.  Making memories with my girls on a beautiful day; doesn’t get much better then that. 


  1. Perfect! XO

  2. O..M..G. I would totally pee! lol.

  3. Awesome and scary!

  4. Mama, you rock!!!
    And that glass floor scares the beejeesus out of me.

  5. omg…gave me a shiver…would not be standing on that…

  6. What a great day for you girls. I’ve been on that same glass floor….for about a second, couldn’t handle it. LOL.

  7. Oh I love that. I used to take my girls there too for those special memories. Toronto is awesome. Check out the ROM A long drive but worth it. Now they drive and we still do it. Mother daughter bonding is the best. Awesome. B

  8. I am a strong believer that every great roadtrip has at least one detour (aka: adventure).

  9. Coooooool!! 😀 What an AMAZING photo!

  10. Wow….your really up there!

  11. Agreed, you all look healthy and happy!

  12. Fun! Your girls are just as gorgeous as you are! I love the picture!

  13. I can’t stand on glass floors, they scare me so badly! What a fun day with your girls. 🙂

  14. What a fun way to share the day together, but that glass floor sure is a little freaky!!

  15. Before I read it, I thought the city below was a bunch on newspaper. 🙂

    Special time; good memory!

  16. super fun!

  17. I went there on a class trip when I was 12. I tried to dial my parents back in NY using a quarter and the operator yelled at me.

  18. I’m totally afraid of heights and whenever we have to take friends, out of towners, ESL students to the CN Tower, I swear, I always feel like I’m going to pee my pants. Like, seriously? WHY would anyone want to stand on a glass floor so high up in the sky? LOL! 😉 I’m such a chicken!

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