Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Today is the first day of Summer Vacation.   

I have a list a mile long of things I really should be doing.  Laundry, dishes, painting, gardening, groceries, bills.  You know all the thankless tasks that just keep repeating and repeating.  Am I going to do them?  Nope.  Not a single one. 

The plan for today is to rejoice; swim in the crystal blue pool,  jump on the trampoline until our legs are tired, eat popsicles until our fingers are sticky, dance to music that is too loud, read books under our favourite tree, and tune out the world. 

Today I will count my blessings, kick back and listen to the giggles, let go of the stress, forget about the outside world, live in the moment and just be thankful for every little thing.

Bring on the summer….we’re ready!



  1. sounds like a great way to celebrate summer…think we are hitting the pool today too…

  2. Yeah!!! Enjoy it all….darn it passes so quickly.

  3. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds perfect I will be right over:) B

  5. I’m waiting for my day to do those things.
    Today, I have to go shopping for a bridal shower that I have to attend tomorrow.
    Maybe on Sunday I’ll join you. 🙂

    Have fun! You’ve got the right idea.

  6. Sounds perfect to me! 🙂


  7. That sounds like a marvelous plan!

    We’ve been in triple digits all week. Woof. I feel like summer has been here for-ev-er!

  8. Amen! That is what summer is all about!

  9. Sounds perfect…enjoy each moment!

  10. I love it! Happy summer!

  11. I love that giggling, I’m wondering if I should record it before it grows up and leaves home. Have the best summer 🙂

  12. We must get out of school much earlier in Arizona. I just finished a summer school class. But I’ll be dreading going back to ASU in mid August.

  13. It sounds like a wonderful day

  14. Enjoy!!

  15. Sounds like a great day! Happy Canada Day!

  16. Enjoy every moment of it!

  17. Summer just doesn’t feel like summer here because there’s no pool. I miss it so much – I grew up by the pool.

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  19. Have fun

  20. kathy downey says:

    Some days you just have to put everything on the back burner and live and have fun….i love those days

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