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Part one of this amazing story can be found here.

Today I have the privilege of continuing to tell the amazing tale of the Miracle of three amazing little girls.  I do this as one of ten #MiracleMoms.  As you read this post I ask you to think.  What if this was you, your sister, your daughter or friend.  Wouldn’t you want to help?  You can.  Please join my team and help me in these final days as I try and raise $1000.00 to benefit local Children’s Hospitals.  Any donation is appreciated, any help over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt. 


I’m sitting in the food court at the Hospital, sipping my coffee and taking furious notes as Bridget recalls to me her story of the events that changed her life.  When this Mom of one toddler found out she would soon be a MiracleMom….

A mere five weeks after being told Bridget would be the Mom of triplets, she received devastating news.  Two of her babies were experiencing Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. 

Charlotte, Elizabeth and Alexandra had just reached 17 weeks in gestation.  It was at this time they discovered Bridget’s three babies were indeed a set of twins and a third baby.  Two of these little one’s were sharing more then just space, they were also sharing blood vessels inside the placenta.  Twin to twin transfusion syndrome can be very serious. In this case, one twin was much stronger and bigger then the other and they were essentially robbing each other of much needed nutrition.  Both babies could not go on, survive like this.  

With almost no time to think Bridget and Dad Matt were put in a heart wrenching position; in order to save the lives of two girls, they had to risk the life of the third. There really was no other choice but to perform a risky surgery.  Doctors asked the couple to prepare themselves for the worst, they were told that the loss of smallest of the twins was imminent.

Following three, eight to ten hour days of being scanned, a plan was put in place for a surgery to separate the twins.  The laser surgery was performed at Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto Ontario.  The blood vessels were carefully and successfully separated between the twin babies. Then shockingly, and against all odds, all three babies survived the surgery. Bridget and Matt had just witnessed a miracle.  

It was soon recommended that Bridget move into the hospital.  She needed to be on complete bed rest and be closely monitored for the well being of all her children.  She didn’t hesitate.  Part of Bridget’s daily routine while in hospital were twice daily visits with the Ultrasound technicians.  She had these two daily ultra sounds to make sure her three girls were comfortable, growing and staying right where they should; with their Mama as long as possible. Now Bridget and Matt live a good hour from their local hospital so it wasn’t until after her nightly 9pm ultrasound did Matt call it a day and head home to their toddler son and prepare for his next day of work. It was with great clarity that Bridget recalled that at exactly midnight on April 15th one of those little girls decided she was ready to come into the world. Her water broke.

Bridget reflected on the complete overwhelming feeling of terror, knowing it was too soon and yet accepting there was no choice but to deliver her daughters at 30 weeks and 1 day. Far too early. Matt was called back to the hospital, making a frantic drive,  and arriving in the wee hours of 4am. The morning of April 15th three tiny and perfect little girls were delivered by C-Section:

6:06 am Elizabeth was welcomed, weighing in at 1310 grams

6:07 am Charlotte entered the world. weighing in at 1470 grams

6:10 am Alexandra (the mighty) arrived, weighing in at 700 grams (1.54 lbs)

All three girls were intubated.  However, after only twelve hours all three girls were essentially breathing on their own!

Three strong, beautiful little girls, defying the odds and amazing everyone who met them. 



It has been just a few weeks since the truly miraculous birth of these sweetest of baby girls.  They are the most precious, tinniest people I have ever had the honour to meet…. and stronger then anyone thought possible.

Mother Bridget seems to have taken each new crisis, new turn of events in stride.  As I spoke with her I paused a moment and said; “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I think you are remarkable.”  Without missing a single beat Bridget gently corrected me; “No, it is my girls who are the remarkable one’s”.

I left Bridget in the food court of the Hospital to quickly finish her lunch and then run back to her babies.  She rarely leaves their side, so I must send out a heart felt thank you to this Amazing Mama for sparing some time to tell me the story of her remarkable babies, she is the essence of a real Miracle Mom.

At latest update, two of the girls are now at home!   Three weeks ahead of schedule!  The third, the mighty Alexandra will not be far behind.  All are breathing on their own and almost all are nursing.  Each little girl is a true beautiful miracle.


Stories like this would not be possible without the incredible care and services of our local Children’s Hospitals.  Children’s Miracle Network and Children’s Miracle Hospitals help to raise funds for so many expenses that just are not covered by government bodies.  They provide special services, equipment and care for families just like Bridget’s.   Today I ask that you please help me to make a Miracle happen.  Donate today.  Every dollar helps. 

If you think you can spare a few dollars from your paypal account, or on your credit card click here or that big button on my right side bar that says Make A Donation!  From the bottom of my heart I thank you.


  1. Oh I am so glad you posted an update on these three little girls! Thrilled to hear they are doing well, they are so adorable!

  2. this stuff always moves me to tears…and smiles at happy endings or beginnings…smiles…

  3. What a story! I can’t believe Alexandra was able to survive! They have a bright future!

  4. Carolyn says:

    So happy to read your up-date and delighted that all three babes are doing well! On behalf of my darling grandchildren I previously made a donation on your blog via credit card and I challenge other Grandparents to do the same thing! How blessed we are to have healthy grand babies!

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  6. So glad that you shared their story. Truly miracle babies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Loved reading Part 2! What special baby girls! Blessed to have such a wonderful Mama and lucky to have access to such incredibly dedicated care.
    Just when you think you’ve heard it all ~ Amazing story!
    All the best to Elizabeth, Charlotte and Alexandra as they grow big and strong:)

  8. Oops. That was me! 😉

  9. wow they are so sweet.. Thanks for sharing this..

  10. When my first child was born, we had some very minor complications (though they did not feel minor back then), although she was born in Edmonton, I am happy to help out this wonderful organization in my community.

  11. Such an amazing story! Thank you for the update! I’ve cried reading their story! What strong, amazing little girls! What a wonderful loving family! They are all truly blessed!

  12. Such an amazing story and an awesome update at the end. Modern medicine never ceases to amaze me…those babies were sooo tiny!

  13. Stephanie: Did you get my donation?

  14. What a moving story and great cause!

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