10 Reasons Why Babies Rock


Babies don’t judge if your Hubby let’s out a window shaker of a burp.  Actually they find it charming, sometimes bordering on hilarious.

Babies don’t judge you for the wrinkles in your jeans or your face.  They aren’t even bothered by the coffee spilt on your shirt.  They are just happy to have you near by. 

Babies are truly inclusive.  Walking through the mall they smile their drooley drippy toothless smile to everyone that passes by.  Doesn’t matter to them if the people are young or old, skinny or heavy, Goth or Geek.  Skin colour is non issue.  Smile at a babe and they will smile back.

Babies are trusting.  Time for a meal?  Sure!  Just plunk that baby in his high chair and start shovelling in the peas/pears or prunes.  That trusting little soul will just keep opening his mouth like a fish under water.  Imagine trust like that?

Babies are easily entertained.  Peek a Boo, or a couple of stacks of rings are all they need to make them happy.

Oh and nothing entertains like a baby!  Have you ever watched what happens to a group of highly educated women once a teeny tiny ball of baby is brought into a room?  We turn into a bunch of cooing, purring, oohing and ahhing idiots!

Babies don’t fall for peer pressure.  They don’t care what the other babies are doing, wearing or seeing.  They are happy just doing their own thing.

Nothing smells better then a clean baby. There smell is unmatched, intoxicating even.

Babies are all powerful.  The power of a baby is amazing.  By the simple act of crying they can get you to drop everything you are doing to tend to them.  Brilliant.

Babies are the only people in the world that can make fat thighs look good.  What’s better than a little baby chunk!

Sigh, no doubt about it, babies are amazing.  Oh and if you are like me and have two kids well past this baby stage there is nothing better then borrowing a baby remembering how freaking hared it is, getting that baby fix and then giving it back!!!

*picture borrowed from videogram


  1. heh…yeah borrowing only at this point…but they do rock…as long as the diaper is clean…smiles…

  2. You summed it up perfectly at the end! I need a baby to borrow.

  3. Babies are awesome! I love borrowing and returning now.

  4. This is so cute and true! Love it.

  5. Until they turn into a zombie and try to bite your jugular.

  6. Cute post!

  7. Borrowing and smelling them works for me, but you nailed the reasons they rock!

  8. BTW: My husband dressed up as Alan for Halloween. TOTAL TURN ON.

  9. I need a baby to borrow! Unfortunately, all I have around here are toddlers – which are great in their own way – but not as sweet as a baby.

  10. You know if you search for baby and replace it with puppy for this post, it still reads all true. 🙂

  11. I still foolishly think – I could have another baby. I’m not too old.

    But I’m too old.

  12. Awww not to many more weeks and Ill have another little baby!

  13. Babies are the best thing ever invented.
    I lurve them!!!

  14. For a minute, I thought you were going to announce a pregnancy! lol

    What a sweet post that makes me want to hold a baby without one even being around. 🙂

  15. That’s cute! lol

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