Winner Winner!

Oh yes, time to announce the long over due winners of the Horse Magic Giveaway and congratulate a few folks for being brave enough to take the Werther’s plunge and video themselves eating on camera?!

(Hey if I did it anyone can)  So here we go!

The Winners of the supremely awesome iPad Magic Horse Story app are:

1)  Nancy Tch said… 3
My 5 yr old daughter would absolutely love this! She uses our iPad more than I do and loves to read.

2)  Linda said… 14  

My ten year old daughter would LOVE this! She is not quite as enthusiastic a reader as her older sister, and the “magic” might be just the hook I need to motivate her!

3) Julie said… 29

Like u on fb  Julie 

hebb dot Julie at gmail dot com

4) Lee-Ann said… 11

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5) Shelagh said… 19

My daughter is in love with horses and would love to read this!


Thanks to each and every one of your for entering!


My Brave video makers include:

1)  Emma said… 6

cool video, great contest, I would upload video if chosen!

(Emma please contact me with your mailing address)

2)  Happy Chinadoll said… 10

3)  jewpoker said… 11

I would absolutely do a video!! I hope I am not too late.

(jewpoker you are not too late I just need your mailing deets)

4)  Bree said… 12

I would also upload a video!

5)  breej23 at hotmail dot com


6) linkedmoms said… 9

Paula!! You’re in too!  I just need your mailing deets!

Thanks for to all of you for playing along, your families are going to love you!


  1. congrats to the winners!

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