Stronger. Seattle Children’s Hospital

Wordless Wednesday is usually a time to post the whimsical, satirical, funny or amusing. For me, as of late, I’ve even decided it was okay to post a few “brag worthy” pictures of my own kids.  Nothing wrong with a little pride right? 

Today a different route. 

A goose bump inducing, count your blessings, send a little prayer, give a little smile video created at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  One of the ten Hospitals from across Canada and the United States being covered by our team of MiracleMoms.  I dare you to turn up the volume, sing along, and then leave me a comment tell me what you think! 

Then if you really want to make a difference, I ask you to consider leaving a small donation to benefit Children’s Miracle Hospitals and Children’s Miracle Network. 

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For the kids…….

Hugs and Thanks.


*Miracle Moms is a team of 10 passionate bloggers banding together to try and make a difference.  I have set a personal goal to try and raise $1,000.00 but can not do this without your help.  Any and all donations are appreciated.  With heartfelt thanks….


  1. Yeah!!!!! I saw this on my friend Karen GBerger’s blog. Do you know her???
    Her daughter was treated at this wonderful hospital!!!

  2. suz! What a small world! No, I don’t know your friend. I simply had to share this video because I so admired the initiative and the joy :). There is always hope right?

  3. there is always hope…thanks for putting this on the forefront stephanie….smiles.

  4. Loving these strong kids! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stephanie, Suz told me about this posting – THANK YOU for sharing it! Our daughter, Katie, was treated in that very ward. The staff of Seattle Children’s is absolutely wonderful, and I appreciate your efforts to support it. (I just published a book about our experiences on that very ward; it’s called “Because of Katie,” and Suz has a link on her blog.) Please come and visit me at Blessings to you!

  6. very touching.. THanks for sharing.. I got to x-rays today but I have to wait until next week to see what is going on. Oh the waiting is not fun.. Have a great night..

  7. Agreed! This video really says it all!!!

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