Brilliance On The Highway

Driving down the 401 at more then 100 km per hour and what do we see?  An idiot with a carpet sticking so far out his car window he’s actually in two lanes!!  Maybe now I’ve seen everything.


  1. Ha, now that is a driver that is praying that he/she is not spotted by a police car or has their picture taken–to forever memorialize this case of bad judgment.

  2. Goes to show that just when you thought you’d seen it all.

    Amazing… and yes, stupid. 🙂

    Good catch with the camera.

  3. Well, that’s one I’ve never seen!!! I hope to visit Canada one day. I have several blog friends who live there and now I have a new one!!! 🙂

    O.K. when I said I never thought I’d have 100 followers, I hadn’t looked at your over 2000! Wow! That’s a lot of people!!!

  4. Wow! Ummmm wow is all I can say ha!

  5. HAH!! 😀 That is awesome! Unbelievable, but awesome!

  6. That’s hysterical! Stupid, but still funny!

  7. Well, there was a guy trying to carry a fridge in his trunk. Yup, in a car… The cop stopped him. That is dangerous!

  8. Oh, for the love of… seriously? That’s crazy!

  9. What the heck??! I’ve never seen that before either.

  10. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?

  11. Wow, people are insane!

  12. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

  13. In Taiwan I saw a family on a moped. The dad was driving with two boys standing in front of him. The mom was behind him with a baby on her back. The grandma was behind her hangin on for dear life.

    Oh, and there was a kitchen sink in the basket.

  14. Its a bird, its a plane, its super car!!!

  15. Wow- really? Some people just don’t think

  16. You do see a lot of very strange things on the 401 I just came back from Toronto people seem to believe they are sitting in there living room. B

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