Saying Good Bye to a Crappy Week

Stomach flu took over the house.

Migraines dominated my world.

Bad news flooded in from left and right.

Girl drama escalated to new heights of ridiculousness.

Ran out of coffee.

Finally left the house and broke the heel on my favourite pair of boots.

Got a big old blister from the back up boots.

Lawn mower broke so our over grow lawn is officially the worst on the block.

Dog threw up on the carpet.  Clearly she had been eating Poo.  Poop vomit is a whole new level of disgusting.  Good times.

…but now a new week.

A wicked storm is brewing I can feel it.  I’m counting on the super moon and the thunderstorm to set things right in the suburbs.

We declared war on the stomach flu in this house, and dare I say I think we have beaten it?

I doubled my headache drugs and am feeling a little dizzy.  I’ll take it.

I am done with bad news.  I simply refuse to hear anymore. Good news must follow bad. 

My girl has dried her tears and is putting last week behind her.  Sh*t happens.  Live and learn.  You do the best you can with the knowledge you have.  Forgive, forget, be kind, smile, be happy, and all that jazz.  I will take a page from her book and do the same. 

Hubby brought me coffee this morning.  HUGE points for him.

I decided a broken heel on my boots simply means it’s time to buy a new pair of boots. 

We got that lawn mower started and now have the greenest grass on the block! (This development may be because we mowed over the piles of dog poo.  No more afternoon snacks for puppy, no more poopy dog vomit on my carpet)

This week Monday will be my favourite day of the week!


  1. Love how it all turned around for you! Sooooo glad!

  2. Aw Stephanie. Hugs. Some weeks suck. They get better. Do you get migraines? Me too. Never doubled my headache pills.A little but scared about that.


  3. Sorry about your bad week! But it looks like things are looking up.

  4. I hate weeks like that! Glad you got the stomach flu behind you.

  5. You’ve got to be kidding me. That ALL happened? In the same week? Crikey! Something tells me a vacay down south is in order…

  6. Oh my gosh…you deserve a break!
    Cheers to this week being all things wonderful.

  7. Yuck for a terrible week and thanks that it is behind you.

    Have a wonderful week this week!

  8. I recently read the following line: Every breath is a second chance.

    Here’s to this week being a second chance for a positive one!

  9. Cheers to next happy week. It has to get better right? B

  10. Glad to hear it. But aren’t you near me? I think you should be getting new sandals, let’s be REALLY optimistic for the new week!

  11. I had to laugh out loud because I feel your bad week pain!!! I don’t have any girls so I don’t have to deal with girl drama…..I do have a granddaughter, but thankfully she’s not very dramatic….I think her daddy (my son) got all the drama! I wonder if man drama is as bad as girl drama??

    Have a great week this week!!!

  12. I was thinking about getting a dog until I read your post. Blech!!!
    Everyone has weeks like that – here’s to a whole new one with no poop in it yet 🙂

  13. I hope you had a great week!

  14. No coffee????????

    No seriously, that is one week! Good move to get new boots.

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