Phineas and Ferb: 3 Giveaways!

There is one way in this world I can guarantee thirty minutes of uninterrupted “Me” time.  When the super awesome cartoon that is Phineas and Ferb takes over my television, quiet takes over my house. 

Well, quiet and the occasional giggle!  Are you familiar with Phineas and Ferb?  I have to admit, even I love these little guys on never ending summer break, mega sized brains, incredible sense of humour and of course their quirky pet platypus, Perry.  


It’s because I adore this cartoon that I jumped at the chance to host this giveaway:


image004 (2)

I have THREE copies to give away to my Canadian readers!! (excludes Quebec)

I’m so sorry my sweet US Readers, but I promise I’m working on something for you.  Hint.  It’s Blingy!

Here’s a little taste of what this movie is all about!

While Phineas and Ferb do it all to make every day the best day ever, evil lurks just around the corner! But there is hope for the unsuspecting citizens of Danville. Now, for the very first time, crack open the top-secret archives of O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) to expose… THE PERRY FILES!

Join Perry the Platypus–a.k.a. Agent P.–on his most exciting adventures as he thwarts his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, at every turn. With groovy gadgets, mad skills and his trademark brown fedora, this semi-aquatic, egg-layin’ mammal of action is unstoppable! Experience the hilarious havoc as he defends the Tristate Area against Doof’s “inators,” battles rogue agent “Dennis the Bunny,” and much more. When it comes to secret agents, Perry’s not only the real deal, he’s real teal!

Winning is easy!

Mandatory Entry:

Leave me a comment telling me what little person in your life might enjoy the antics of Phineas and Ferb.  That’s it!!

Easy Extra Entries:

2. Follow my blog publicly and tell me you do.

3. Follow me on twitter @SassyModernMom

4. Give this a tweet! You may cut and paste if you wish:

I entered to win a 1 of 3 Phineas and Ferb #Giveaways via @SassyModernMom Ends Fri. June 8th Pls RT

5. Like my Facebook Fan page. PleaseSmile Or tell me that you are already a fan!

6. Comment on one of my other posts and come back and tell me you did.

Giveaway Closes Friday June 8th. 

Disclosure – I received compensation as a thank you for hosting this giveaway. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Does it have to be a little person? Because once I actually watched this cartoon, I found it hilarious!! 😀 hehe.

    My 3 boys actually like it too, so I’d share it with them. 😉

  2. Following on GFC! 🙂

  3. NO NO NO NO
    it is not fair….
    i am moving right now…not packing anything but moving across the border…my boys would support me too…they love phineas and ferb…i did sad its not fair right? maybe i can build something today that will make my address canadian?

  4. And following you on both Twitter and FB! 😀 Thanks!

  5. I have 3 little people who would love this.

    leannemacg at

  6. gfc follower

  7. follow you on twitter

  8. like you on facebook

  9. My little rascal Callie is a fan! I follow you on Twitter and FB 🙂

  10. I’m not Canadian reader, just had to say we LOVE perry the platypus in our house. He sleeps with our daughter every night and often accompanies us out of the house.

  11. Bridget says:

    My 19 month old son has fallen in love with Phineas and Ferb since he first saw it a few weeks ago. I have to admit, when we turn it on for our son, though, my husband and I sometimes see more than he does! This may be something special for him when his new sisters take over the house!

  12. My DS5 LOVES P&F … It’s literally the only thing he likes to watch. We always teases him about isabella because he has an girl in his class that has a crush on him too 😉

    I however am more of a Doofenschmirz lover myself …

    I follow you on Twitter & FB too!

  13. All 3 of my boys, my hubbie and I all love love love Phineas and Ferb. I’ve even found myself doing the Candice internal Giggle. It was the funniest thing, I was excited about something I was doing for the boys here and heard myself going all (GGGGGGGGGGGGGG) 🙂

  14. Public follower 🙂

  15. Twitter Follower 🙂

  16. FB fan 🙂 YAY!

  17. Commented on the Pool Boy 🙂 hahaha

  18. Heidi W says:

    My kids love this show and so do I! My daughter is like Candice- always being annoyed (and outsmarted) lol by her younger brother Nick! She also is a red head…my fav though is perry the platypus…

  19. Heidi W says:

    I follow on twitter @ missmouse33

  20. My son would enjoy it,thanks!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  21. I follow your blog publicly

  22. I follow you on twitter

  23. I like your facebook page(Karla Sceviour)

  24. I follow your blog

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  26. My DD 5 LOVES the show. I think I would be the best Mommy ever if I managed to win it for her! I also follow you on twitter 🙂

  27. I have a DD who would love this, which she’ll learn to share with her little brother soon enough. 🙂
    Already following and I’ll find you on Facebook.

  28. I will share it with my three children!

  29. My oldest daughter is a huge fan .

  30. I follow you publicly with gfc

  31. I follow you on twitter (@flower_child_23)

  32. tweet

  33. Liked your facebook fan page
    angela m

  34. Both of my kids love the show – and so do I!

  35. I follow you on Twitter!

  36. My daughter would enjoy watching this DVD.

  37. I follow you on twitter.

  38. I became a fan on you facebook page.

  39. I follow your blog.

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