Heed My Warning, Beware Of Loaded Rods

This past weekend we my Sweet Hubby and Brother-In Law put together a SpringFree Trampoline in our back yard.  There was much laughing, eating, and a little bit of cursing and sweating.  Thankfully for once in my Husbands life there was also instruction reading. 

This thick manual that accompanies the spring free trampoline clearly warns: 

Treat any loaded rod with caution…”

“Keep your face well away from any loaded rod.”


These two warnings were apparently all kinds of funny,  They were also repeated at nauseaum by two grown man children, oh and my sister. Um, but turns out they are warnings to be taken quite seriously!  Yep, one heavily loaded “Rod” went off!  Popped off if you will, full force in the direction of my brother in law!  That loaded “Rod” sprang at him with a mighty force, wacked him on the inside of his left thigh in the most delicate of areas, and ricocheted past his face to ultimately leave him with a sweet purple bruise.   It should be noted that this chain reaction also left my not terribly concerned Hubby doubled over in laughter with tears rolling down his face. 

Moral of the story, laugh if you must, giggle like a school boy at every innuendo you can manage, but read the directions, because as they say, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye, or something else equally as important. 



  1. As a general rule, I always try to keep my face away from loaded rods.


  2. eeep…there are certain things i would rather not lose…

  3. It is my experience that that men do not read instructions anyway:) Whoops have a nice safe weekend. B

  4. I would have giggled too.

  5. Thank God no one was hurt badly. I would have laughed too. Looks like a lot of fun going on! I would love to jump on one and I love the newer safety features with the netting about them. Have a fun weekend.

  6. Hmmm….there are so many directions I can go here. I’ll stick with glad no one was hurt!

  7. Stephanie, hope your brother-in-law isn’t hurt too badly! Glad our instructions were at least entertaining… 😉

    Happy jumping!

    – Stella from Springfree Trampoline

  8. Yea. I would probably laugh too- especially after seeing he didn’t lose an eye 🙂

  9. We have had equally good times with the Toy Story character, Woody.

  10. Stella!
    Instructions were great! My kids LOVE their new tramp and are jumping during every spare second of the day.

  11. Definitely worthy of a big giggle!

  12. Yes, it is fun and games until someone loses an important body part! I know you are going to be bouncing around in there with your girls…jealous!!!!

  13. It looks fun! Glad no one was hurt!

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