Cougar Alert!

We snuck away for just a few hours.  Escaped to the beach, where life seems easier…but apparently still requires coffee.  After taking in a wee one’s birthday party it was time to make a coffee run.  I mean I’m 40, I need me some caffeine if I expect to make it much past sunset these days.  


We loaded the kiddos in the car and I drove.  Dear Hubby had indulged in a few bevvies and was not getting behind the wheel.  As we trucked down the dusty beach road we passed a huge gang of about 15 twenty something’s going to get their party on.  The irony was not lost on me that they were heading out on the town, ready to dance and drink all night, while I was headed out in search of coffee with the hopes that I might see 10pm.  This crew seemed oblivious to my giant family filled SUV so I was forced to roll down my window and issue a polite “Watch out guys”.  What was I met with?  Was it rudeness?  Ignorance?   Were we ignored?  Nope.  A very polite young fella leaned over in my direction and yelled.


Um, this Suburban Mama with a car chock full of Husband and kids was stunned into silence.  I may have harboured a secret grin of pure happy on my face.  (Turn’s out Mama’s still got it going on!)

But then, from the backseat, a primal yell from my 10 year old daughter.


Bwhahaha.  You tell em Honey.

Right back to reality as our car erupted with side splitting laughter.

Guess I’ve finally reached my cougar status, whether I’m ready or not. 


  1. O. That is to funny! Hahahaha

  2. Ow, that is flippin hilarious! Love it!
    I smile that same way when I get people knocking on my door and see me and ask, “is your mom home?” Seriously?!

    Have a great week, Steph. You hottie, you!

  3. meow……that was awesome..

  4. That is awesome!

  5. Bwahahahahahaha. My goal in life is to be a M.I.L.F. Unless I drop about 50 lbs that just isn’t gonna happen.

  6. You are a MILF!!

  7. OMG! This is hilarious! You are a MILF!

  8. Hottie! Man, my Outback never gets me that :(!

  9. I recently just started getting teased about being a cougar. I don’t like it. But I liked your story 🙂

  10. 🙂 how funny.

  11. So cute and funny. And YES, you’ve still got it going ON!
    {like donkey kong?!}

  12. bwahahaha! that is sooooooo awesome!! You go mama! <3

  13. Oh yes…you definitely got it going on lady!! As for me, when a guy looks at me for an extended period of time, I always figure there must be food on my face or something. 🙂

  14. Bwahaha! I just snorted coffee out of my nose….

  15. Too funny!

  16. I love it.. You Go Mamma… I mean Girl… I mean… whatever! 🙂

  17. Reeeoww, you go girl!!

  18. Love it and you should have had the secret grin. You go girl!

  19. I’m tellin you that would make my week. Not bad for hubs either to know he’s still got competition.

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