Can Cougars Wear Glasses?

So it’s time, truth be told it’s way overdue. 

I need to get my 41 year old eyes checked.  I see fine, I really do! I think.  So why is it that every time I pick up the phone and start to dial the number of the Optometrist I suddenly remember I have something incredibly important to do like laundry, or clean out the fridge or um pee?  Yah, just about anything to delay THAT call.  Why?  Well, because I’m pretty sure I will not make it out of the office this time without my very first pair of glasses.  You see the last time I went in to see the lovely Optometrist he looked right into my stressed out and bloodshot peepers, grinned and slyly said “Well, you don’t need glasses, this time”.  What?!  To be honest, I was pretty sure I flunked that eyesight test and was doing everything I could to prepare myself for the announcement that my middle aged eyes needed professional help.  I had visions of him taking away my car keys and not allowing me to leave the office until some coke style thick lenses with granny frames were firmly perched upon my nose.  I was not happy about this future vision of myself, but as a grown up woman I was steeling myself not to cry in front of a Doctor about a pair of stupid glasses.  and the fact that what it really meant was that I was now officially old, all my sexy gone 

You see, I don’t have anything against glasses, it’s just this; I’m vain.  Yep.  I am not a girl who should ever wear hats and I’m pretty sure I am not a girl who can pull off glasses.  Sigh and help!

Given the fact that I tried my sister’s glasses on last month, you know, just for fun and realized I could see signs way off in the distance BETTER with her glasses on then without, I think it might be time to stop all this childish procrastinating, bite the bullet and make. that. call.

So wish me luck and then tell me this, do you think a cougar can still wear glasses?


  1. Very important I to am a procrastinator about getting my eyes checked it may just be the $95 fee for the test I am not sure.
    I do think a cougar can wear glasses “The better to see you with my dear” statement comes to mind:) Good luck I should really get on that myself.B

  2. I defiantly think a cougar can wear glasses. I was very apprehensive about getting mine…and I love them. They’ve actually become a crutch almost. I hate wearing contacts and adore my black rimmed glasses.

    Funny…just made my appointment this morning. Mama needs some prescription sunglasses!

    Good luck!

  3. oh there are def ladies that can work the glasses you know…i think you will be just fine…smiles…just stay away from the thick frames…smiles.

  4. You’ll be gorgeous! I actually like glasses – so many possibilities. Of course I don’t wear them yet either …

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  6. As a woman who has worn corrective lenses of some type or another for the majority of my life…. yes, you CAN wear glasses and still be one hot mamma!

    Glasses have come a long, long way. Pay a visit to the office and just check out all the frames to see what’s available. And if you still don’t feel comfortable with glasses, talk to them about contacts. Once you get used to them, you never even realize they are there. Now go make that call!

  7. I heard over the radio that Tina Fey was the it girl for intellectual men. Okay maybe she doesn’t scream sexiness. Fortunately contact lenses are available and they come in all kinds of colors.

  8. I didn’t have to start wearing reading glasses until my mid 40’s. Now I’m wander through stores asking people to read labels and price tags because I’m too vain to wear them in public. They think I can’t read…..

  9. Oh, I surely think cougars can look just as cougary 🙂 in glasses! You just have to strut them like YOU think you look fine in them! That may be because I’ve had to give up and wear them the last few years. sigh…

  10. Girlllll…YOU can pull of glasses.
    But hey….you can also pull off contacts. 🙂

  11. I figured you were talking about reading glasses since most of us need them in our 40’s. I remember the day I picked up a toothpaste box and couldn’t read it. If you can’t see signs in the distance I think it’s time to make that appointment.

  12. Sadly I have had them since I was but don’t have to wear them all the time, but I know the day is coming too. The joy of old age huh?

  13. I have hit the 40 mark as well, but I have also been wearing glasses for distance since high school. I think it’s key to find a cool pair, and for me, that means 1 pair for winter and another for summer. I have some cool, tortoise shell, Lisa Lobe cat-shaped glasses that I wear all winter. Tons of people compliment me on them. I also have cute, small, pink Juicy Couture ones for summer, plus some chic aviator sunglasses (pretty much everyone looks cool in them) for the beach. If it’s time for glasses, just find a pair that works for you. Maybe something surf-ish? You might need to shop in a cool, urban-based eyeglass store to find something decent. Good luck.

  14. Wear ’em and ROCK ’em!

  15. I did it myself last fall. I didn’t want the glasses and they said I could go wtihout but… nope Ibought them… and WOW! did you know that my road is a 50 zone? and my highway to my road? an 80 not a 90? oops

  16. The right frame can be totally hot! The chic nerdy style is so in right now! I kind of want some glasses right now for me!!!

    (Missed your blog lately! Been so incredibly busy!!!)

  17. kathy downey says:

    Glasses could never take from your beauty !!

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