Time To Get My Swagger Back!

For the last 13 plus years I have been so careful with every little thing in my daughters worlds.  Not Bubble Wrap careful, but normal careful.  I shop organic when I can, try to limit the sweets that go in their little mouths, and introduce all foods in moderation.  I ensure they get enough fresh air, enough exercise, time with friends and of course enough sleep.

A couple of months ago I took a long hard scary look at myself in the mirror.  I was pale, tired and a wee bit sad?  I’m addicted to drive thru coffee, meals were often leftovers off my children’s plates, opening my car window counted as fresh air.  Girls nights out.  No time, and sleep?  Who remembers sleep?  The term burnt out kinda fit the bill. 

Well you know what, I turned 40 this year, I’m finally recovering from a brutal back injury and it’s time to get my swagger back.  This Mama is not getting any younger and I want to be 40 and fabulous not 40 and frumpy!  If I have hard and fast rules for healthy living for my kids, should I not have some for me too!

I started making some changes.  Back on the treadmill.  Veggies and protein before carbs.  Making date night with Hubby, and Coffee with girlfriends a priority.  Sleep?  Yeah, I still struggle with sleep.  I also started taking Adult Essentials Vitamins

It’s no secret that I firmly believe in IronKids for my kids.  It was my Doctor that suggested I start taking Vitamin B and D for myself.  Adding these vitamins to my daily routine when I’m giving them to my kids seemed simple enough.

These little changes may not seem like much, but they are making a difference!  It’s easier to get up in the morning.  I’m proud of myself for setting a good example for my children and not just talking the talk.  I have more energy, and maybe best of all, I feel better about me. 

Swagger back?  Almost.  Sexy back?  That’s next! 


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Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for IronKids  and Adult Essentials, products I strongly believe in! The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. Oh hunny – you are ANYTHING but frumpy, but burnt out? I KNOW the feeling.
    If vitamins are the secret, stock me up baby!! 🙂

  2. I think you look great, just so you know. You should see some of the 40 year olds in my neck of the woods, you’ll feel a lot better.
    Isn’t eating left over food off of a child’s plate a recognized diet plan? I have my grand daughter 5 nights a week now, and all weekend (her mother is working on weekends and taking nursing courses all week), and I’ve noticed that I’m a little thinner when she’s around. The great thing about kids left overs: they’re usually green veggies. 🙂

  3. i def need to instill some changes in my lifestyle a bit…40 is just around the corner for me as well…

  4. I am feeling the impact of the vitamin b and d too. Glad to hear you are feeling the benefits.


  5. I’ve really been trying to make sure I take a multi every day too. The good thing about vitamins is that it’s never too late to start!

  6. Good for you. There’s nothing better than for your girls to have such an awesome role model.

  7. I think it’s great that you are taking time for yourself now. My wife and I have been coming to that realization lately and have tried asking Grandparents to babysit a bit more. PS – I don’t believe that you’re 40 🙂

  8. Oh gosh I so know the feel, and as soon as I have this baby Im going to try and place myself on the priority list.

  9. I am so in the same rut you are in right now and I am just burnt out to the crisp. I was talking about this yeserday matter of fact. Will have to try those adult vitamins why is it I make sure each nite kids take theirs but I dont have any. Great post and go on girl!

  10. I believe in vitamins too. You will never be a frump! You look great! Kids come first but as they get older and dont need you as much, its time to get back some ME time.

  11. You are a gorgeous specimen! With a little swagger – watch out world!

  12. I feel the same sometimes, and I don’t even have kids yet! It is good that you take Vitamin B, it helped me increase my energy levels!

  13. I was pregnant at 40. Be careful that those vitamins don’t boost those eggs while boosting you… unless, of course you want to expand your little family.

    Just teasing ofcourse. I don’t know what the status of your anatomy is, nor your husband’s, and it doesn’t matter since I’m just attempting to be humorous. 🙂

  14. Way to go! I wish I had started to do more for me when I turned 40 but I’m doing it now at 60. It’s never too late.

  15. Totally agree with Tammi – you are anything but frumpy! Never hurts to take vitamins though, love Adult essentials!

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