No More Paper On The Floor! Cottonelle

Do you know what I am truly sick of? 



Yes, I’m, baring it all and showing you my paper on the floor. 

Seriously?  My children are 10 and 13, my Husband, well he claims to be a grown man!  How difficult is it to take the empty roll off the holder and simply put on a brand new roll?

The only thing worse then scooping toilet paper off the floor is being caught in the decidedly awkward position on the err potty, and coming to the very slow, very sad realization that you are the girl who does not have a square to spare.  That not only is the roll empty, the holder has not been refilled, and there is not one stich of toilet paper within arms reach.  You are now in a Glamour Magazine vs drip dry situation.  This my friends is not fun.

Enter Cottonelle! 


Cottonelle has a new collection of toilet paper roll covers designed by Jonathan Adler.  A great way to keep those spare rolls within reach.  They are fun, stylish, affordable, and will help ensure you are never caught in an embarrassing situation whimpering for help again! 

So I took action.  You see these toilet paper covers, they are not your Grandma’s old fashioned covers!  They are arsty, fresh and funky.  They are bright and in my opinion impossible to miss!  I placed one in my girls bathroom, and one in ours, then put my family on notice. 


No more excuses!  Pay attention to the pretty people!  Empty the roll, replace and refill!  No excuses.  Harder to forget with the bold pretty sitting in your line of site.  Here’s hoping this marks the end of the toilet paper frustration in our house.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post however the opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. We struggle with that problem here as well–clever solution that even us guys can figure out.

  2. they are cute…i like the colors…the question remains…will they use it…haha

  3. I’ll have to get me a few. 🙂

    My late Grandma used to cover coffee cans in wall paper for her toilet paper. She should have marketed her idea. :O)


  4. It wouldn’t work here. Because my guys seem to be completely incapable at figuring out how to put the paper ON the roll.

  5. Oooh! How cute! I’m impressed!

  6. Love anything that will keep the paper off the floor….oh and keep me from hollering at my kids to re-fill the roll:)

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