Never Go To Bed Mad? Who are THEY Kidding?

Attention: If you are my Mother, my sister, My Mother-In-Law, Sister-In-Law or some important person that I work for, this post is not for your eyes.  Look away!!  You have been warned.

I have been with my Hubby forever since 1993?  In all honesty, I’m so tired today, I can’t even do the math.  We have been through a lot.  Yah a lot more then I will ever willingly divulge on my blog.  Through all the ups and downs I can tell you one thing for sure…I have never doubted my love for my Hubby. I can also confess that although not a picture perfect marriage (because there is no such thing and anyone who ever tells you that has either been married for less then 6 months or is a big fat liar) the good far out weighs the bad.  I am one of the lucky one’s, I’m married to my best friend.


Last night.

He pissed me off.

It had been brewing all day.

I was in a kind of PMSing, every little thing was grating on my last nerve, he best just stay out of my way, kind of day.

Finally…after we survived the very cranky day, we retired to the bedroom.  He clearly had something on his mind. 

A sex thing.

*Mom I told you to stop reading already.

This girl was not in the mood but meh, he talked me into it.

Then I wanted to talk…about those PMSey things that had been bothering me all day…and what did my fabulous Hubby do?

He went to sleep!  Like in seconds.

I was sad, and mad and then I was stompy.

I grabbed my blankets and stomped my ass down to the spare room.  Pouting, sniffling, angry?  Why do dudes just go to sleep when they know we want to “talk”!  Is this some kind of self defense throw back from the cave man years protective thing?


Never go to bed angry huh?

A dude made that up.

Us women, we can stew with the best of them.

Just Saying.


  1. a dude totally made that one up, we can go to mad angry for days lol

  2. O no he didn’t! Did he even realize that your were cross with him?

    You know my parents lived by that ‘rule’. It’s never worked in our house!

  3. it is a biological issue with men…really you must talk first…our bodies can not handle it after you know…


  4. My husband says sex is better than Lunesta.

  5. Secret Mom Thoughts – that’s hilarious!!!

    My “sweetie” has started to ask me “How long is it gonna last THIS time?” when he notices I’m peeved about something. Which, naturally, only manages to piss me off even more!!

    I bought a pin once that says, “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.” It’s still my favorite pin. Just sayin’… 😉

  6. LOL well sometimes talking will leave one with no sleep what so ever, he just wanted to get a few hours in..hahaha

  7. They can’t help themselves; that’s just how they’re wired. 🙂

  8. My husband doesn’t get to sleep when I get mad. I toss and turn violently while ripped all blankets and pillows with every turn. If he tries to sleep on couch I then stomp around and turn on all lights. He has finally learned to just let me yell then I will let him sleep.

  9. I am sure I can set a world record for the length of time I can be angry!

    So nice to find a fellow Ontario, Canada blogger!!!!

  10. Of all the nerve! And after you let him, you know…..

  11. You are not alone, my friend! Is it wrong that I feel kind of relieved reading this? It’s so good (and necessary) to let these feelings out. Too bad we live so far away! I’d love to have dinner, wine, and a chat with you, Lena, and the rest of the gals!!

  12. I sooo would have been stewing, too. But, I would have stewed so much that I would have woken his sleeping butt up!

  13. Yep, sounds like a man! I wish we could move THEIR asses out, so we could have the comfy bed for our mad selves!

  14. On the plus side? You have a spare room 🙂
    I can so relate. Hang in there sistah

  15. You’re not supposed to go to bed mad when you’re in a relationship. I, however, was unaware there was any other way to go to bed.

  16. Oh I’m so recognising what you are saying. Sex probably was his way of talking about it. Men are from mars.

  17. Men are from mars. We are from earth. 🙂
    They just don’t think like we do…and usually that is a good thing.

  18. Never mind last night’s issue; I love how you reinforce the point about there being no such thing as a perfect marriage. People really need to hear that, especially from married women who look like they have it all together!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  19. I swear they’re wired in a way that makes them fall asleep right afterwards every single time. It’s like their bodies just shut down. JERKS! I love going to bed angry, just for the record. I sleep fine when I’m mad. 🙂

  20. Oh girl I can relate to this one and have done stomped off to another room hundreds of times!

  21. Oh this was perfect. I love that line in When Harry Met Sally when he asks how long he has to hold a woman following sex before he goes home. Is 5 minutes enough? 10?

    It’s really hard not to go to bed angry when the other one is snoring away peacefully.

  22. It is so funny, we are opposite over here. I usually crash out pretty quick and he is up. Makes up for the fact that it usually takes me 30 mins to fall asleep and 1 for him!

  23. I really don’t think guys have a clue..

  24. Dude totally made that up!!!
    I just saw this post and sorry but had to laugh because can relate to it perfectly lol
    Men they use sex as their happy drug wished it worked for me. But Im usually still worked up with agrivation

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