If It Looks Like A Chicken And Walks Like A Chicken

….then it is probably the funniest, cutest, giggle inducing, Squawkin’ Egg Droppin’ Hen created by Hallmark that you ever did see!



This little hen sings a little ditty, does a little dance and lays a few eggs.  Your little one’s will adore it.  Warning, the song will be stuck in your head for hours! 

Hallmark Canada has come out with some fabulous seasonal cuteness just in time for Easter!


From Easter cards, to picture frames, to flowers that bloom to reveal a special message, to stuffies like Nugget and his incredible interactive stories, you can always find something for the loved one’s on your list on at the Hallmark Canada Store!


“Hoppy” Shopping!

I am a part of the Hallmark Canada Press Pause Panel, in association with Hallmark Canada.
Product was provided to facilitate this post, yet all opinions are my own.  Some pictures courtesy of the Hallmark Canada website. 


  1. My mom wanted this- I refused to let her, but did think it was cute!

  2. This is a fun one. Our youngest was in Hallmark last week playing with egg-layer–he was captivated.

  3. How much fun are they? I haven’t seen anything like that here.

  4. The hen was a huge hit my kids and my younger students, too!

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