How To Get A Man To Caulk Your Shower

Our shower was in a state of super yuck.  Twenty five year old house and a shower to match.  No matter how much bleach, Mr. Clean and foaming cleansers I used, I couldn’t get that sucker clean.  It was time to pull out the big guns.  Beg for help from the Hubby.

I couldn’t stand the shower anymore, and I was sick of making myself sick cleaning it!  Note to self, if after you are done cleaning your super yuck shower you are nauseous and dizzy, you may need more ventilation in your bathroom. 

So I put my “Get my shower cleaned up and re-caulked plan” into action. 

I dropped subtle hints.

I complained about our horrible bathroom.

I threatened to have the entire bathroom pulled out.

I asked for help.

I asked for suggestions.

I begged for help.

I stomped my feet.

I might have cried a little.

Then……..I offered sex.

Clean shower, new caulking, happy Wife, happy Hubby.

Problem solved.

New problem. 

I just pimped myself out for caulking. 

Yep, these are the true stories of a desperate housewife.


  1. haha! Looks like you pulled out the big guns! no pun intended! You are too funny!

  2. I’ve done it too. Men are really motivated for sex.

  3. Brilliant plan (insert evil cackle)!

  4. haha hey whatever it takes right…smiles…

  5. Whatever works, right?!

  6. Whatever works, right?!

  7. I have put in my request for a newly caulked shower/bath. Ours is blotched with black mold that won’t go away.
    I don’t have to pimp myself out for caulking, but I do have to wait, and wait, and wait until he’s got time and energy – which rarely happen at the same time!

  8. My plan of attack – after all the asking, begging and nagging, is to walk by with a caulk gun. When he asks what I’m doing, I inform him that since he can’t/won’t do the job I will. That usually works, since he seems to think that I am incapable (which I probably am!)

    But your plan works too!

  9. LOL I’m all for whatever works!

  10. LOL!!! Sex can really get us anything. But the problem is, we don’t want to give up 14 minutes for anything these days.

  11. Ha! You’re awesome. 🙂

  12. Story of my life.

  13. Oh, man! Sounds like the way things are at our house! 🙂 Love reading your posts! You make me laugh 🙂 xoxo

  14. The time it took him to caulk vs the time it took him to well, accept payment…hmmm, you TOTALLY won! 😉

  15. Love it! Those tactics don’t work for me anymore.

  16. That is so funny…I am having the same issues with my bathroom. So I guess I am going to have to take your advice if I want some results. Hmmm…maybe I’ll tell him that if the shower were caulked we could use it together more often!

  17. As a man I just want you to know that I am appalled that you think we could be bought by the mere offering of sex…

    Of course our shower does not need calking, the yard is always mowed, the hedges are trimmed, the cars are washed, the laundry is always done.

    But I – and every other man who sits in front of the tube crushing beers and wings while watching the game – am stil the King of my Castle.

    What dear? Are you out of your mind? The game is on! It’s the championship game! No! I will be there when I get there!

    What dear? You really mean that? Okay,I will be right there, dear.

    Shut up, Charlie. No, I am not a doggie begging for my treat. I am the King of my Castle and don’t you forget it.

    Yes! I will get you a beer!

    Right after I take out the trash.


  18. Yuck! Anything that comes to cleaning out the shower I let fall into Josh’s hands. I get completely grossed out with the bathroom. I can clean up anything but for some reason the shower always grosses me out.

  19. No offence, but you’re just figuring this out NOW? Gesh, girl.

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