How Cheerleaders Can Give You A Migraine from Hell

Once upon a time in a Suburb not far from you was a Mama trying to do right by her 13 year old baby.  Hmm, perhaps thinking of her as my “baby” was indeed my first mistake.

This BlueEyed girl was experiencing all the usual angst of the normal teen girl.  Feeling the pressure of school, noticing the boys were perhaps not as gross as before, and throw in a dash of girl drama just to keep it interesting.  Normal. 

BlueEyed girl continued to be on top of all things academic.  A pluses were the norm, homework not an issue.  Pressure was building for her first Provincial Gymnastics meet, but nothing she couldn’t handle.  Her problem, girl crap.  Not much you can do when there is girl drama but to keep guiding them through, keep encouraging them to be the best person they can be, and always remember the golden rule “Karma is a Bitch”  Do Unto Others. 

Then along came a wonderful opportunity. I won’t say it fell in her lap, because this baby works hard at everything she does.  She was asked to help out a Cheerleading team going to a National Cheerleading competition.  One of the girls on this great team had torn her ACL.  They needed an experienced and strong tumbler fast.  My BlueEyed girl was honoured to be asked. 

Hubby and I made her THINK long and hard before she gave the team her yes.  She wanted to do this.  To help the team, to impress her gym coach and most of all, she thought it would be a chance to meet some nice girls.  Oh good grief I was all over this one.  More nice girls can only be a good thing right?? (and I may add again BOO to mean girls)

Fast forward a week.

We had Drama People.  Imagine this.  My A type personality babe could not learn an entire cheerleading routine (that the team have been working on for an entire year) in two sessions. She felt defeated, was weepy and was calling herself “Not good enough.”  There were tears.  Lots of “I Can’t Do It”.  Slamming Doors. Crossed Arms.  Upset Stomachs.  Did I mention Tears.  AHHHHHH Where is my manual for how to inspire confidence, encourage and make my baby happy without feeling like I wanted to pull my hair out?   Ever feel like you are fighting an uphill battle?

At this point I’m hoping Kelly Clarkson is right with her “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”, cause this Mama is pulling out every parenting trick in the book to get through this Cheerleading hell. 

My lesson, sometimes the very best of intentions can come back and bite you in the ass.  Here’s hoping it get’s better, for all of us, like really soon.

Feel free to send wine.


  1. It’s so hard to be the mom – and your poor daughter, too! I coached cheer (at a baby level) for a couple of years, and NO ONE could learn a routine in 2 days! (Not even the coaches!)

    This too shall pass, sister!

  2. That is a lot of pressure. No one can learn a cheer routine that quickly.

  3. omg…i will say a prayer for you…smiles…

  4. I am just glad that my 19 year old daughter is through that stage. If it’s not the girl crap it’s the fragile ego. I don’t really have any words of wisdom as I was winging it big time. Probably –
    This too shall pass!

  5. I’m not gonna lie, this made me chuckle. Then I thought, “Oh great! More I get to look forward to!” Found you through the UBP and following through GFC to keep up.

    Look forward to reading more and hope you have a great week, Stephanie!

    Erika from Southern Belle as an Army Wife

  6. *Passing the bottle* Even though I don’t have to deal with girl drama – I hear enough about it (and remember it well from my own childhood) to have sympathy.

  7. All of it in 2 sessions? Yikes! I hope she gets it, but that is a lot of pressure!

  8. That’s a normal reaction! Her type A personality makes her feel bad – but that’s a great learning experience. It’s better to experience some disappointments now as long as she knows that it’s all part of growing up.

  9. Sending you a big ((((HUG))))
    Don’t want to be in your shoes right now.
    Praying that she will be perfect and will be able to look forward with pride.

  10. Oh, hugs to you and your baby. Hope this all plays out well.

  11. Oh, I feel for her! I can’t even imagine the pressure she must be feeling. I so hope things click for her and she gets her confidence back!

  12. O my it does not sound like fun! I’m right with you on the wine!

    Hope it gets better soon!

  13. Sounds like it’s a tough place for both of you. It’s hard to just want to help and then be put in this position. I’ve get a great red in my cellar, let me know where you need it sent…

  14. This does sound like a predicament. Can you go through the cheers with her? Or is that totally lame? You can’t expect to learn every nuance of a cheer that a team has been working for a year in two sessions. It’ll happen overnight, one of these days it will click, but you have to continue practicing.

  15. I soooo don’t miss all those days when I was in school. Now I get to relive them through my daughters, so I empathize. You may need more than just one bottle of wine!

  16. I feel for you, and for her too.
    It is never easy…if it was easy, then men would do it. The mothering part that is. 🙂
    I wish her the best of luck and I hope she does make some ‘nice girl’ friends.
    Her age is when Linds had issues with girl drama…it doesn’t last forever, I promise.

  17. Oh man that’s rough.

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