Dreaming The Day Away

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you run non-stop, check a hundred things off your list but still feel like you have not made a dent?  Cook dinners, make lunches, do laundry and take care of everyone except yourself  but don’t feel like you have really connected?

Sigh.  That was me this week. 

I need a getaway. 

When I say I’m constantly dreaming of my next vacation, I truly mean it!MoonPalace2 

Now I’m dreaming of days walking soft sand beaches scouring for sea shells, of hours jumping in the waves.  Splashing in crystal blue pools and perhaps lounging with a frosty drink or two!  Afternoons exploring new places, meeting new people and just spending time basking in the sun with my babies.  An entire week to re-connect with my family.  That is my idea of perfection.  Oh how I would love to have that to look forward to.  My daydreaming may be a wee bit out of control. 

Finding pictures like this of the Moon Palace Resort doesn’t help. 


Moon Palace Pool

I have also just learned that PALACE RESORTS is making it easier for families to travel together and enjoy every moment.  They have just introduced their Family Connections ProgramA concept created to strengthen family bonds through one-of-a-kind vacation experiences without sacrificing the premium level amenities and services that allow parents to reconnect as a couple.  Um, hello this sounds like the perfect kind of place for a travel addicted Mama like me! 

Some of the fab perks of this program include Walkie Talkie Services to help you keep in touch with your little ones while they enjoy a newly enhanced kids club.  Some of their activities at this club? Tennis lessons, mini-golf, Spanish lessons, treasure hunts, beach soccer, piñata-making, beach camping, kiddie disco, cookie-making, pool games, slumber parties, hand-crafting, movie nights, game nights, face painting and masquerade nights. Additionally, the kid’s club offers a variety of board games and has a fully-equipped arcade room!!!! Whew!  Oh and I almost forgot Eco-friendly and educational activities that include beach clean-up, tree planting, and sea turtle releases in season.  I want to release a sea turtle!!  There is also a specialized Kid’s Menu, great for picky eaters.  Oh and the area the kiddos have to play in?  Super fun!


My Hubby and I adore our children, but when we are on vacay, there is nothing wrong with a little privacy right?  One of the the 49 new family suites, located in Moon Palace’s family-friendly Sunrise section sounds like a perfect solution.  Great for bigger families, or peeps like me who want to spread out.  They will feature 2 connecting rooms, accommodating up to six people and look like this…NICE!


Sigh.  Looks like perfection to me! 

Yep, adding Palace Resorts and their new Family Connections Program to my travel bucket list. 

So…have you started planning your next getaway?

*Pictures courtesy of Moon Palace


  1. Can you hear me jumping with my hands in the air and shouting, “Me! Me! Me!”

  2. i like the thought of kids having their own room…and a jacuzzzi tub…love it

  3. Oh I’m like you, I like to spread out and have a little privacy! Love the idea of the family connections program and the kids stuff sounds great!

  4. How awesome is this place! The room is gorgeous and love the pools. And seriously, walkie talkies? What a great idea!

  5. My week sounds like your week.
    Love the get a way!!

  6. Ahh, sorry to hear about the never-ending list.

    But, like you, I can certainly look at pictures like those you posted of the Palace. Walkie talkies sound like a great idea…

  7. It looks beautiful there! Hope this week is easier for you.

  8. {sigh} every week seems like that! and this resrot looks like the cure 🙂 i’ll have to check it out!! thanks for stopping by to visit my blog 🙂

  9. Oh my heavens. When can we go???

  10. It is beautiful!

  11. I have those days A LOT!

  12. What a hidden gem! Been looking for a winter getaway for the fam. Will be sure to check this one out.

  13. I just returned from the Moon Palace (stayed in the Sunrise section). It was wonderful. Perfect place for the family – kids are already saying they want to go back! Me, too! 🙂

  14. Such a stunning resort! WOW!

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